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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Eavesdropping in Starbucks

Happy Thursday everyone! Yesterday afternoon whilst studying in Starbucks, I overheard an intriguing conversation between two businessmen sitting behind me. They were discussing some sort of art-related event coming up. Here’s what I recorded as they sat behind me:

There are two business men wearing chunky knit navy blue sweaters sitting behind me. They are discussing some sort of arty, businessy type event. I am sitting in a corner table, having the two men meet my table in the corner. I imagine the one closest to me to be named Clark, while I imagine his companion to be Beau. (Please note: I totally made up their names. They just felt right.)

Clark has a long pea coat as well as a striped scarf hanging from his chair. He has brown hair and a scruffy beard. He seems to be the younger of the two. Beau faces me and has short blonde hair and a bit of a sour expression on his face. He has a pea coat as well, but it’s not nearly as stylish or long as Clark’s. He also lacks a sweater and facial hair. Maybe that’s why he looks so ticked. After trying to record details of the two’s appearances, I begin eavesdropping.

“If they don’t come through on those we can think of some others. I can think of some clients,” Clark says, reassuring his partner.

“They will easily sell. It doesn’t matter how many arts packages we have. I can package them together if we have too many. We always sell them,” Beau answers confidently.

“I’m trying to spend less money,” Clark adds.

“Good luck,” chuckles his companion.

I become paranoid that they see me typing their conversation and float in and out of listening. Over the next few minutes I gather they are having some sort of silent auction to benefit some artistic organization in the area. It’s perhaps a choir because they mention having a student from Fishers talk about his experience signing with “them” during the auction. I’m not sure who “them” is, but I imagine it to be whatever organization these two men work for.

Beau has obviously worked for this company longer as he mentions how he moved to London for a bit, and also describes past silent auctions to Clark. After this description, I hear that Clark is going to email Nancy and get half off tuxedos for the event. Unfortunately, though, he has done nothing about Tim getting wine bottles.

Get it? Eavesdropping. Like me.

Get it? Eavesdropping. Like me.

“We could always use more liquor,” Beau says. By now I’ve deduced that Beau is a bit sassier and more opinionated than Clark. This silent auction isn’t his first time at the rodeo, so he expresses his confidence regarding the preparation.

A bit more time passes, they discuss the possibility of a February board meeting (can I come?), and one of the two points out, “They’re putting their asses on the line, too.” I wonder what that could be about. I need to pay more attention. But oh no, I feel paranoid again, so my interest fades out.

When I tune back in, Beau is passionately telling Clark they can’t play a certain piece at the event.

“It’s a fabulous piece,” Beau starts. “To me it’s ecstasy, but we’re not doing that piece.”

He reaches an all-time high for sassiness in this moment, and I am a little surprised by his tone. The conversation shifts to a preparation meeting before the event.

“Do you want Eric there?” Clark asks.

Beau takes a long pause before he answers, and I’m certain he sees me typing their words. Really, he’s just being sassy and finally answers that he doesn’t want Eric helping yet. Ouch. The two continue to plan things and Clark chimes in saying, “That’s classy.”

The last bit of dialogue I acknowledge is Beau emphatically saying, “Well, it has to be that way.” I smile to myself, the men say a bit more, then put on their fitted coats and leave. I stare at them as they walk out, and get excited to write this post.

Have a great end to the week, and thanks for reading :)