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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Happy Friday to all! These past few weeks have been crazy busy due to dance team and Greek life things getting ready for homecoming. Because of this, I apologize for my lack of creative posts lately. Since the homecoming game is tomorrow and everything is winding down, I promise my blogging will be back on point.

I also need to get back into vlogging. If you haven’t seen my vlogs, give this here link a little click and educate yourself! I have several vlogs in mind, and will start filming those again lickity split. I also have a few humorous posts in mind, so you have that to look forward to, yeah? I also apologize for the lameness of this post, but I feel it is my duty as a blogger to update you on why I have been struggling lately. Please forgive me, dear reader. This is my last boring post, and I promise I will be back to my usual greatness (I’m like, really humble) soon.

Here’s a funny video for your troubles. (Fun fact: my friend Sam can recite this video word for word. #Cray)

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Have a great AND SAFE weekend, and thanks for reading :)

Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battles

Happy Friday everyone! Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, and it was pretty great. The highlight of the evening was the lip sync battle between Fallon, JGL, and comedian Stephen Merchant.

Fallon had his first lip sync battle when John Krasinski was on the show earlier in the year, and it was hilarious. Unfortunately I can’t find a video of it anywhere. When I heard JGL was going to battle, I had to tune in. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the clear winner of the battle, but the other lads do a swell job, too. As if Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn’t already perfect enough by proving he’s adorable, dresses well, is a great actor, and supports the arts, he showed us he is a champ at lip-syncing with the utmost gusto. Well played, JGL. Well played.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

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Music Monday: Justin Timberlake

Happy Monday everyone, and welcome back to school! The weather today is a little dreary and everyone most likely has the back-to-school blues, so allow me to cheer you up by discussing Justin Timberlake on this wonderful Music Monday.

I’m not sure if you were aware, but Justin Timberlake IS ON FIRE!!!! It all started on March 9th when the singer-turned-actor-turned-singer hosted Saturday Night Live, marking the fifth time he hosted the show. I usually don’t watch SNL because I feel like it truly isn’t that funny anymore, but this episode was pretty great. The opening monologue included other great celebs who had appeared on the show at least five times before, such as Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, and Paul Simon. As if that weren’t a great enough start, Timberlake was also the musical guest for the evening. Well played NBC, well played.

Look at that dazzling smile.

The following week (March 11-15), Justin appeared on every episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, starring in skits and promoting his newest album The 20/20 Experience. While on the show, Timberlake flawlessly performed several songs from his album and sang the History of Rap Part 4 with Jimmy Fallon.

If that wasn’t enough, JT’s album comes out tomorrow. This album is his third studio album as a solo artist, and is considered his “comeback” since his last album was released six years ago. It has already been rumored that he will release another album in November. #Unstoppable. I have only heard the songs he performed on SNL and Fallon’s show, but from these few songs I heard, I have concluded that Justin Timberlake is indeed the most soulful white man you will ever encounter.

In fact, Justin Timberlake is most likely one of the most talented men you will ever encounter. It has been scientifically proven that there is nothing he can’t do. He can sing (very soulfully), he can dance (incredibly well), he can act (he’s hosted SNL five times, duh!), and he got married earlier this year. Oh, and not to mention, he is an incredibly handsome dude! I’m not saying he is an Oscar worthy actor, but he is extraordinarily talented musician and performer. Seriously, just look at the past week he has had and try and tell me that he is not incredible. You can’t, you just can’t.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

The History of Rap Part 4

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