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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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The Weird Ones

Happy Thursday everyone. You may be glad to hear that I am over my existential crisis. Writing about it the other day was a bit therapeutic, and now my pondering has been put to rest. Now I can think of more important things, like YouTube.

This is my fifth post about a YouTube channel, and there are certainly more to come. The channel I am recommending today is The Weird Ones. This channel is run by my dear friend Alexis and her friend Erik. As their channel name indicates, these two are quite strange. Their videos range from “How to Halloween” to cheeky snapchats of their friends (I’m featured in that one!) to musical recommendations. They are so charmingly quirky and awkward, and I just love it!

I am planning on filming a video or two with them when I’m home over Thanksgiving break, so that will be pretty neat. Until then, check out their channel. Also, I blogged about Alexis’ music channel last semester, so take a look at that too. And last but not least, Erik, if you’re reading this, I think you’re really cool and I want to be your friend.

Have a great end to the week, and thanks for reading :)

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My Existential Crisis

Happy Tuesday to all. (The irony of that line, coupled with the title of this post, is unreal.) Quite recently, I realized that I am going through somewhat of an existential crisis. It’s not a full-fledged crisis because I am not totally uncertain of what I’m doing in life, but it’s a little nubbet of a crisis indeed. An existential pondering, if you will. I have just come to the realization that literally nothing matters. (It gets less depressing, I promise. Keep reading.)

We are all here on earth, but why exactly? We live our lives day to day, going to school so we can get good educations to get good jobs to make a lot of money to be happy. Okay, so following that mindset, the point is to make money. But then you realize that money really is not that great and does not bring you true happiness: your relationships with people do. Okay, but then you think that literally no relationships in your life last forever. You grow in and out of friendships and loves, and if you get married, you still die alone. Think about it. baxq

It also really bothers me that nothing in life is certain. Any decision you make, there is always at least one other choice you could have made that would have inevitably changed the course of events unfolding. So how do you know that the choice you made was the right one? You don’t. You just have to trust your instincts I suppose, which I guess is all right because after all, nothing matters.

I am fully aware that all of this sounds incredibly depressing, but it can certainly be inspiring. If there is really no point in life, we should have the most fun possible while we’re here so we can give it a point. We should do whatever ignites our souls and makes us really excited. If no relationships last forever, we should make the most of them all while they exist so we can enjoy it to its fullest. Knowing it doesn’t last forever should make us enjoy it more because the feelings of joy will be gone eventually. The uncertainty in life is what makes it life. If everything were certain, there would really be no use in being here. We would go through the motions and experience nothing.

I guess the bit of information I have gathered through my pondering is that we should surround ourselves with people that excite us, and we should experience things that make us feel fulfilled, and actively seek out those experiences. We should learn as much as we can and soak up as much information and joy as possible and try not to be a jerk in the process so we don’t ruin other people’s experiences. The meaning of life seems to be giving it meaning, and that’s really it.

Thanks for putting up with my semi-depressing rambling. I hate this post as much as you do.

Have a great week, do something that ignites your soul, and thanks for reading :)