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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Tips For Last Day of Class Success

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the last day of classes before finals start, so naturally you want to ensure you have a great day. Lucky for you, I have some tips and tricks for how to make your last day of class nothing but spectacular.

1. Dress like you have the rest of the semester in the bag. Since this is your last day of class, and your last chance to make an impression on your classmates and professors before you take the final and part ways for three months, you’ll want to make sure you dress really well. The simplest look to ensure stylish and academic success is the classic paper bag over the head. (The one where you cut some eye holes out of a paper sack.) This look pairs nicely with shoulder pads and a necklace made of twigs. The browns in the paper and tree branches will play with each other nicely, while the shoulder pads will tie the whole look together with an air of sophistication. Plus, you can use your twig necklace as a little shelf to carry your books around all day.



2. Volunteer in class. Professors love when students participate in class. Leave a lasting impression on your professor by volunteering to do a performance for the class. Climb up on top of tables, flail your limbs, and probably sing a little bit. Since you’ll have a paper bag over your head, your singing will be even more impressive because your classmates won’t know exactly where that joyous sound is coming from.

3. Make new friends. Now is your last chance to bond with a friend crush in class. The surest way to secure a fast friendship is through flattery. Lightly caress your potential friend’s face, sniff his or her hair, and tell them they would look great strolling with you hand in hand to buy best friend forever necklaces. Invite them to have late-night life chats in the darkness of Holcomb Gardens. Nothing cultivates friendship faster than the pitch-black stillness of night with a stranger in a secluded area. Since your time to secure this friendship is limited, there is no such thing as coming on too strong.

4. Treat yourself. To celebrate the end of the semester, you will eat like royalty today. Take advantage of that unlimited meal plan in Atherton, spend the rest of your flex dollars in C Club, and buy everyone in Starbucks a drink. Eat French fries and cereal. How about some jello and hummus? And forget cups! Spread that double-whip frappucino out over the table and slurp it up. It’s the last day of the semester, you eat what you want, how you want it. Added bonus: since you already have a paper bag over your head, it will be super easy to store snacks to eat throughout the day.

5. Gather your study materials. Gather all of your resources for your final exams and crumble them up. Run around campus and throw them at squirrels. If you’re feeling extra empowered to study, toss around a textbook or two. The squirrels will think it’s fun, and the exercise will stimulate your brain cells so you will be guaranteed to do well on your exams.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading :)

30 Things to Do Instead of Homework

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the day off from classes. If you are still not quite ready to tackle your assignments, here’s a list of 30 things you can do instead of your homework.

1. Watch a movie.

2. Watch television.

3. Make a movie.

4. Write a script for a movie.

5. Exercise.

6. Make a new friend.


See numbers 28 and 29.

7. Stare at people.

8. Run between couples holding hands in front of you.

9. Walk into the library, scream “FREE DOUGHNUTS!!!!” and run away.

10. Speak to someone in only song lyrics.

11. Speak to someone in only movie quotes.

12. Bake a cake.

13. Go shopping.

14. Go fishing in the canal.

15. Go swimming in the canal.

16. Count the number of ceiling tiles in your dorm room.

17. Figure the number of dishes you can make out of a single bag of popcorn, then make them.

18. Draw on people’s faces/arms when they aren’t looking.

19. Lick someone’s elbow.

20. Go into the bookstore, touch every item on every shelf and hanger, then leave.

21. Sit down with a stranger, take their hands gently in yours, and say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” then walk away.

22. Braid someone’s hair.

23. Clean.

24. Reorganize your room even though there is really nothing wrong with the setup.

25. Eat some waffles.

26. Blog.

27. See someone from across the room, wait for them to make eye contact, then shriek, “RACHEL! It’s been so long! How are you?!” Run to them with open arms and relish in their terror and confusion.

28. Make a magic wand.

29. Walk around waving your magic wand.

30. Sleep

Have a great rest of the day and thanks for reading :)