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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Oscar Fashion Recap

Happy Monday all! As I’m sure you know, the Academy Awards were last night. Unfortunately I was unable to watch, but the Internet has gotten me caught up on the red carpet fashion. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Lupita Nyong’o: Wowza does she look stunning. The actress won Best-Supporting Actress for her work in Twelve Years As Slave, and apparently gave an incredible acceptance speech. Unfortunately, Youtube removed any recordings of said speech, so I can’t share it with you. Anyhow, her skin looks flawless, she looks like Cinderella, and she won an Oscar. SHE’S ON FIRE!


Jennifer Lawrence: Everyone and their mother loves Jennifer Lawrence, myself included, but something about her outfit seems a bit off to me. The little flaps on both sides remind me a bit of a mermaid, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also, her hair makes me feel kind of funny. She is still a wonderful human and an incredibly talented actress.


Emma Watson: Emma Watson is tied with James Franco for my number one celebrity crush, so naturally I am obsessed with her look. Her hair reaches that perfect balance between effortlessly tousled and kempt, while her dress is classically chic. Keep doing you Emma, keep doing you.


Pharrell Williams: Pharrell…what’s happening here? The musician sported a classic tuxedo on top, paired with a pair of tuxedo shorts on bottom. I think perhaps this look could work on amore casual occasion, but the shorts make me wonder, is he pharreal?


Benedict Cumberbatch: I don’t know anything about this British actor, other than the Internet loves him. His outfit looked appropriate for the occasion, but the real winning moment was when he photobombed this photo.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: JGL ties with Ezra Koenig for my second place celebrity crush, so once again, I am digging his threads. He looks as classic and clean as always, and the look on his face looks as if he hears me calling his name off in the distance.


Another noteworthy bit of the evening was how Ellen ordered pizza for everyone, and how the selfie she took blew up Twitter.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

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Adventures of a Confused College Kid

Happy Wednesday everyone. The other day one of my friends from back home texted me telling me he started a blog. Naturally I typed in the URL and promptly began reading, and I quickly discovered it is too hilarious not to share.

That's him. What a fun human.

That’s him. What a fun human.

In high school, my friend Brendan was really funny and always getting into particularly strange and awkward situations. Situations that I’ve never heard of anyone ever encountering before; like stuff from movies. Well, much to my satisfaction, Brendan still regularly finds himself in these situations and now blogs about it. (Click that link to see it!) He even has little stick figure illustrations to accompany all of his funny tales. My favorites so far are “Physics and Uranus” and “A Coffee to the Butt,” but “Off the Heezy” is a close contender.

Brendan is a wonderfully hilarious human, and I am so glad we can be invited into his world through his quirky stories. If you ever think something weird and slightly uncomfortable has happened to you, chances are Brendan’s experienced something weirder. Check it out man, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

Urban Outfitters: Edgy or Offensive?

Happy Monday all. I hope everyone had a smashing break and is getting back in the swing of things with classes. After my first class this morning, I began browsing the Internet and stumbled upon an article on the Huffington Post about Urban Outfitters.

Prior to reading this article, I would consider myself a fan of Urban Outfitters. They have edgy, off-beat clothing that you don’t find at most stores, and they also have funny and quirky books and gadgets. Despite the crazy price tag on their clothing, I shop there every once in a while. I’ve heard things in the past about the store and how they have produced products that are slightly offensive, but I didn’t really know the details, so when I stumbled upon this article, naturally I read it. BdPnBYeCcAAbtfw

The article summarizes how the company is under fire yet again for producing something offensive: a crop top t-shirt that has the word “depression” written all over it in block letters. Many people have compared this shirt to the infamous “eat less” t-shirt the company produced in 2010. Many customers took to Twitter, questioning “When will Urban Outfitters stop making mental illness a fashion statement?” The company apologized, and responded by saying that Depression is a small brand clothing line that they are trying to support, and they had no intention of glamorizing mental illness.

The rest of the article went on to document 15 instances in which the company produced offensive products that ended up being pulled from stores. In 2010, the company put a t-shirt on their website with the color option of “Obama/Black.” After receiving scrutiny, the brand pulled the shirt, saying the color scheme was a combination of their color “Obama blue” and black. Another included a mock-Monopoly board game called “Ghettopoly,” as well as a greeting card with a rewritten version of the popular children’s rhyme about Jack and Jill, that was labeled transphobic by LGTB groups.

I could understand if perhaps the company made news with offensive merchandise once or twice, but the consistency at which Urban Outfitters keeps producing offensive products astounds me. I never realized the types of things the company produced that kept offending people, and the skewed messages these products present. Even with the depression and Obama/black t-shirts, sure they have an excuse, but there is no way the every day consumer can look at those items and know the story behind it. They are producing things for the masses, not the select few people who are in contact with the companies providing merchandise to the store. There excuses are not valid. The company needs to seriously rethink what they think is “edgy,” and realize that often times it is straight up ignorant and offensive.

Have a great first day of classes, and thanks for reading.

The Weird Ones

Happy Thursday everyone. You may be glad to hear that I am over my existential crisis. Writing about it the other day was a bit therapeutic, and now my pondering has been put to rest. Now I can think of more important things, like YouTube.

This is my fifth post about a YouTube channel, and there are certainly more to come. The channel I am recommending today is The Weird Ones. This channel is run by my dear friend Alexis and her friend Erik. As their channel name indicates, these two are quite strange. Their videos range from “How to Halloween” to cheeky snapchats of their friends (I’m featured in that one!) to musical recommendations. They are so charmingly quirky and awkward, and I just love it!

I am planning on filming a video or two with them when I’m home over Thanksgiving break, so that will be pretty neat. Until then, check out their channel. Also, I blogged about Alexis’ music channel last semester, so take a look at that too. And last but not least, Erik, if you’re reading this, I think you’re really cool and I want to be your friend.

Have a great end to the week, and thanks for reading :)

October Favorites

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Tea Tunes

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Happy Friday to all! These past few weeks have been crazy busy due to dance team and Greek life things getting ready for homecoming. Because of this, I apologize for my lack of creative posts lately. Since the homecoming game is tomorrow and everything is winding down, I promise my blogging will be back on point.

I also need to get back into vlogging. If you haven’t seen my vlogs, give this here link a little click and educate yourself! I have several vlogs in mind, and will start filming those again lickity split. I also have a few humorous posts in mind, so you have that to look forward to, yeah? I also apologize for the lameness of this post, but I feel it is my duty as a blogger to update you on why I have been struggling lately. Please forgive me, dear reader. This is my last boring post, and I promise I will be back to my usual greatness (I’m like, really humble) soon.

Here’s a funny video for your troubles. (Fun fact: my friend Sam can recite this video word for word. #Cray)

YouTube Preview Image

Have a great AND SAFE weekend, and thanks for reading :)

Admit It; You’re Great

Happy Thursday everyone! As humans, we often struggle with being confident in ourselves and have trouble admitting out loud that we are good at something. I think it’s bogus that we feel the need to downplay admitting our talents in order to follow social constructs.

This morning in my digital media productions class, we had to edit pictures of ourselves, and in preparation to do so, my professor took pictures of everyone in the class. As everyone opened up his or her picture, the class collectively let out sighs of exasperation and began groaning about having to look at their “imperfect” faces for the next hour while we edited. This made me realize that humans struggle seeing how great we really are. self_confidence_by_netwars4-d36loaw

You might be thinking that it is in ill form to admit you think you’re pretty, or tell people that you are really good at playing guitar, but honestly, we should be able to do that. This does get tricky, however, because some people get carried away and brag about themselves endlessly. I’m not condoning bragging, I just think people should be able to shamelessly admit out loud that they are having a great hair day, or that their smile is really great, or that they are actually really good at organic chemistry. Going back to my class this morning, there is no reason everyone should have been squirming about editing their own face. Everyone has things that aren’t perfect about them, but that is why we are humans. Our flaws are what make us special and unique, and in my opinion, the more flawed you are, the more interesting you are.

Getting down from my soap box here, I just really wish it was socially acceptable to openly admit you think you’re great and not sound like a jag bag. Human beings are incredibly smart, beautiful, and capable of great things, and we can and should admit it every once in a while.

Have a great end of the week, and thanks for reading :)

Go shamelessly tell someone how great you are!

Music Monday: The Neighbourhood

Happy Monday to all. Over the summer, I heard The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” on the radio many a times and quite enjoyed it. The other day, a handful of The Neighbourhood’s songs came on my Pandora, and I fell in love.

The Neighbourhood is an American alternative rock band that formed in 2011. Since playing together, the group has released two EPs and one full lengthy album called I Love You. In June of this year, the group’s song “Sweater Weather” reached number one on Billboard’s alternative chart. As I said before, I heard this song over the summer and really liked it, but had no idea who sang it. After hearing it on Pandora the other day and seeing it was by them, I took a mental note and then got really excited when I kept hearing songs by them and enjoying it.

They kind of sound like One Republic’s creepy, airy, dreamy, band-cousin, if that makes any sense. Since I only recently realized they were the creators of the beautiful music I grew to love this summer, I haven’t heard much of their stuff. What I have heard, however, is really stinkin’ great. Check em out!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Sweater Weather”

YouTube Preview Image

“Female Robbery”

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Get Involved

Happy Tuesday to all, welcome back to school, and welcome back to this blog! Since I kept up with a blog over the summer and also wrote for a site called U lala, I will waste no time telling you about my time away from being a Butler blogger. Let’s dive right into Butler stuff, yeah?

Since the school year is relatively fresh and most clubs and organizations are just starting up with meetings and events, and there is just a lot of stuff going on in general, I thought I’d tell you about all of the things I’m involved in, just in case you want to be involved too.

1. Free concert and free food on Thursday. I’m involved with Program Board’s Coffeehouse, which is an organization that provides free concerts in Starbucks throughout the year. The first one is this Thursday at 7 p.m. and features Butler’s own Coyote Armada. I blogged about them here last semester, and they are super great. I’m a huge fan.

2. Celebrate peace on Friday. Come out this Friday at noon to celebrate Butler’s new Peace Pole, right off the Starbucks patio. There will be music, sandwiches, peace buttons, and a chance to reflect on the peace pole in 16 languages. More info on that herehispic

3. Football game on Saturday. I am on the dance team and will be dancing at the football game this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Come see the dance team, as well as the Butler football team. Yeah, school spirit, yeah!

4. Join the Visual Arts Student Organization. Also known as VASO, this organization is essentially Butler’s art club. All majors are welcome and no artistic experience is necessary. We will be having a callout meeting on Wednesday the 25th at 7:30 p.m. in Jordan 183. Come art with us!

5. Join Demia. Demia is Butler’s feminist organization on campus. We meet every Monday at 8 p.m. in Jordan 225. We are currently discussing events for Good Sex is Consensual Week at the end of the month. Just show up one week if you wanna join!

6. Join Alliance. Alliance is Butler’s LGBTQ/ gay-straight alliance organization. All are welcome, regardless of sexual orientation. Talk of having a gay pride parade was brought up at the last meeting, as well as planning the drag show Halloween event Alliance hosts every year. Email if you want to get involved.

7. Read Archives. Archives is the ever-so-lovely humor magazine on campus. I write and photograph for it, so you should definitely check it out. Everyone on staff is super funny and interesting and I know you’ll love it. We will be passing out copies of the magazine fo free outside Starbucks at the end of the month. 319421_413723962012329_1292098326_n

8. Read U lala. As I mentioned above, I contribute to a site called U lala is a fashion and lifestyle blog created for college women. The site is all about positive, inspirational content, and each school has a branch. I obviously write for the Butler branch, but you should most certainly check out the other school’s stuff while you’re over there.

That is enough shameless self promotion for one post and I kind of hate myself now. Comment or contact me in some way if you want to get involved in anything listed above/if you have any questions.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week :)

Vlog: What I Learned in College

I did a vlog discussing what I learned during my first year of college. The most valuable lesson comes at 3:40, so you should probably watch the whole thing.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for watching :)

Art Now

Happy Thursday all! Art Now was this Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was a success! If you are unaware, Art Now is the art show put on by Butler’s art students at the end of each semester. The show takes place in the Reilly Room and lasts two days. Being an Art + Design major, I had all of my work from this semester in the show.

I displayed my body of work, which was a relational art piece about how people interact and forge friendships. I also displayed a piece I made out of a busted up George Forman Grill, as well as a collage of sexual innuendos. Art is fun.

"Innuendo? InYOURendo"

I absolutely loved all of the displays, and seeing all of my fellow classmate’s work was great. My favorite aspect of the show was the dance floor. There was a taped off section of the floor that you had to dance through whenever you crossed it, and on Wednesday, one of my professors and two of my classmates and I had a silent dance party. This consists of each participant listening to music on their iPod and dancing together as if the music is playing throughout the room. We looked like fools because there was only music playing in our ears, but it was great.

I also really enjoyed an interactive piece made by my friend and classmate, Britt. She made a mermaid tail and encouraged people to get inside the tail, take a picture, and post it with the hashtag #ArtNowMermaid. I most certainly took a picture, as did many other people. It was great fun!

P.S. If you missed the show, or if you just really love art, swing by the Art Annex past AV and check out Art at the Annex, featuring work from two senior majors. It will be open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. tomorrow!

Me, being a mermaid.

Good luck on finals, and have a great end of the week :)