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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Stream of Consciousness

Happy Wednesday everyone! I only got about four hours of sleep last night, so my mind is extra strange today. Due to this strangeness, I think we should play a game where I write whatever the heck randomly pops into my head, and you come along for the ride. Let’s begin!

I, along with my friend Britt, keep thinking today is Thursday. My sweater is extremely staticy. My friend Sam just walked in the door. I’m at Starbucks. I am going to go say hello. I’ll be back shortly.

I’m back. Anyway, back to my sweater: I bought it at Value World, which if you don’t know, is the closest thing to Heaven on earth besides Target. It’s a really large thrift store with all kinds of great finds, and the one on 38th street happens to be the largest Thrift Store in Indianapolis. I just saw a kid from my English class walk by. He was wearing a black pea coat. If he were to ever read this, would that be creepy? Not sure. 2423339575_044c637a0c

I actually left there for a period of about six hours due to meetings and dance team practice. Isn’t that strange how the end of a sentence and a break in a line can either represent moving from one thought to another in one instant, or within several hours. CRAZY STUFF! I am eating some Baked Lays right now, and they are pretty tasty. My mom doesn’t like Baked Lays. She also doesn’t like my fanny packs, as I mention in this video. I have a Napoleon Dynamite pen. It actually talks, but the battery ran out, so it has been silenced. That was one of the dumbest thoughts I’ve had all day. I’m sorry I shared that with you. Actually, it probably wasn’t the dumbest thought. Thinking it was the dumbest thought was my dumbest thought.

K byeeeeee!

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: The Strokes

Happy Music Monday to all! Because everyone needs some modern/classicish rock in their lives, let’s talk about The Strokes today.

The Strokes are a five-person American rock band from New York City. Since their formation in 1998, the group has released five albums and won several awards, mostly in the UK. They have also hinted that they will be working on their sixth album sometime in 2014.

I honestly haven’t heard too many of their songs, but I do quite enjoy “Last Night,” as well as whatever other songs I’ve heard on their Pandora station. They kind of sound like they have a retro type vibe, which I think is super cool, especially since pop music is pretty popular with the kids these days. Their sound is super cool and has an old timey feel to it. They sound like The Kooks had a baby with The Killers and produced a child signing straight outta the womb. Check out some of their tunes below!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Last Nite”

YouTube Preview Image

“You Only Live Once”

YouTube Preview Image