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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Art Now

Happy Monday all. Art Now is this week, and I have been frantically preparing for it the past week or so. You should definitely come.

I’ve blogged about Art Now in the past, but for those of you that don’t know, Art Now is a showcase of student artwork that occurs once per semester. Art + Design majors and minors show their work, as do PCA students. 10013711_10152076620002986_5463688682285137372_n

This semester’s show is tomorrow, Tuesday April 22 from 5-7 p.m., and Wednesday April 23 from 9 a.m.-5p.m. I have a display in the show, and I will be there the whole time tomorrow, and part of the day on Wednesday, so you should definitely stop by. There will be a lot of interactive pieces that need audience participation, so there will be a lot to enjoy. SEE YOU THERE!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)


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My Self-Realization

Happy Friday all. I have recently realized that I am really awkward when dealing with strangers in a professional setting. Gah!

Last night, Dinner and a Suit came and performed in Starbucks for this month’s Coffeehouse concert. I showed up to help set up for the concert, and only two other members of our committee were there. My comrades left to go bring in equipment, leaving me alone with the band. The crew sat on the other side of the room, so I sauntered over to them and struck up a conversation. I said, “You guys performing tonight?” as I strangely jabbed my fingers in a gun-like position in their direction. They said yes, then I flightily told them I was going to help them set up, then welcomed them and wished them luck performing. It doesn’t sound like that strange of an interaction, but I felt strange about it. Classic me. On an unrelated note: the show was fantastic. The band sounded really good and they all had matching t-shirts and matching haircuts and they were all adorable. Plus, I danced in my seat the whole time, and when I talked to them afterwards and they said they liked my moves. YUSS.

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Another moment that revealed my awkwardness occurred this morning. I talked to a prospective art + design student. Two of my professors gave the student and her mother a presentation about our program, and I frequently interjected. After the presentation I was left alone with the two and told them about the art program and Butler in general. I found myself rambling on far too much and having trouble finding the words I wanted to use. I am usually so good talking to strangers, so forreal, what the heck is happening?! I’m usually extremely confident and sure of myself in interacting with others, so the fact I felt so unsure on two occasions feels strange. I have regressed in my strive toward being a normal functioning human.

Here’s my hypothesis: in a casual setting, I am able to ask a stranger literally anything I want. I can ask them the strangest questions in the world and feel totally okay about it because I have made up my mind to talk to this person. I am in control of myself in the situation. In a business-type or somewhat formal setting, there is an expectation for what needs to be done or said, and that throws me off. I am not voluntarily conversing with this person (although the conversation might be pleasant) so I am out of control of myself and what should and should not be said in order to stay relevant to the reason for our interaction. I ramble on for far too long and get that weird type of nervous sweat where only your armpits sweat, probably one more than the other, while the rest of your body stays at a normal temperature (too much info? #sorrynotsorry). I’m not normally in businessy situations with people, so the fact that I’ve had such awkwardness on two occurrences in such a short amount of time worries me. How will I be a real person who has to go on job interviews and stuff if I ramble and stumble over my words and nervous sweat?! Man, it’s so hard being me.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

Art Now: A Review

Happy Friday to all! As you can see from my last post, Art Now was this week. Although the two weeks leading up to the show were incredibly stressful, it went incredibly well and I could not be happier.

My display.

My display.

The show featured work from all art + design majors and minors, as well as work from some PCA classes. Everyone’s display looked super professional, and everyone looked like real life artists. Thirty-five works were sold, which is awesome because that is way more than what has been sold in previous years.

Another highlight from the show was that all of the art students made t-shirts with our professor’s face on it and surprised him by wearing them to the show on Wednesday. We also wore matching plaid over the shirts to honor him. It was weird and exciting and we all loved every minute of it. We had a silent dance party as well, which is when everyone participating wears headphones and dances, so essentially you all look crazy, but it is incredibly fun.

Matchy matchy.

Matchy matchy.

One of the most fulfilling parts about the show, however, was Wednesday night. I was studying in Starbucks and a stranger came up to me and told me how much he liked my work! I was incredibly excited because: 1. I love approaching strangers, so naturally one approaching me was great, and 2. Being told that my work resonated with someone is so fulfilling.

Art Now was an incredible success and just further validated my love for art. If you missed the show, don’t fret. There is a show at the end of each semester, so watch out for the show in the spring.

Have a great weekend, good luck studying, and thanks for reading :)

Art Now

Happy Monday everyone! If you are feeling the stress of finals, stay calm and take solace in the fact that everyone is going through an equally stressful time. You are not alone. In addition to thinking positive thoughts, you should release some energy through viewing wondrous works of art at Art Now.

Art Now is the art + design program’s art show held each semester, showcasing student art work. Art Now will be tomorrow in the Reilly Room from 5-7p.m. and Wednesday from 9a.m.-5p.m. Art majors and minors, as well as some PCA students, have work in the show. Everyone showing pieces is incredibly talented, and a wide variety of work will be there: paintings, drawings, textiles, jewelry, and graphic design, plus more. I also have it on good authority there will be a dance square and a silent dance party on Wednesday. use dis

Seriously, the show is awesome and you can just wander through as you please, so it is definitely worth checking out. Also, all of the art students have been at the art annex till like 4a.m. every night getting stuff ready for the show, so if nobody comes, we will all cry.

Have a great week, stay calm, view art, and thanks for reading :)

Live a Creative Life

Happy Friday to all. With registering for next semester’s classes around the corner, I have been thinking about what classes I need to take, and also what I want to do with my life. Thinking about what I want to do with my life only reaffirmed what I already knew: I have no idea what I want to do once I graduate. Although that is incredibly terrifying, I also think it’s incredibly exciting, especially studying the arts.

I’m an art + design major with a minor in English creative writing and digital media productions. I studied art all four years in high school, and I literally cannot imagine myself doing anything else with my life. I simply would not be happy. Although my art is something I am confident in, this is my first semester with these two minors, and to be honest, it really scares me. I have some academic experience with digital media, but next to none with creative writing. Because of this, I am particularly scared to be an English minor. I have always loved literature and writing, but it’s not something that I ever considered myself to be good at. I’m still not really sure if I’m good at it. I honestly feel way over my head minoring in something that requires so much specialized thought and creativity. I feel like everyone else in the program is supremely talented and I’m just pretending like I can keep up with them. 6a00d8341c4fdf53ef0120a8de5875970b-800wi

The fact that I’m so scared to pursue creative writing makes me want to pursue it even more. The fact that I have so much to learn, and the fact that I will have to challenge myself creatively to succeed, excites me beyond words. That’s how I felt about my art at first as well, and after actively studying it for the past five years, I feel confident in it. This makes me think that I’ll (hopefully) feel like this about writing in the future. On top of the fear of studying something creative, I’m also a little frightened that I don’t know what I want to do once I graduate. I’m not frightened by this in a serious, quarter-life crisis kind of way, but in a I have the power to shape my future and that is overwhelming kind of way. I think it is especially scary thinking about the future as someone studying various artistic subjects because the arts are much more uncertain as far as careers go. I literally have the power to create whatever I want artistically, and that is scary. It’s intimidating to think that a story I write, or a painting I make, or a logo I design could be well enough received by a large group of people that I could make a living from it. Literally anything I think up in my brain could support me for the rest of my life. How freaking rad is that?! That is totally awe-inspiring to me.

I am sort of rambling here, but I suppose the point is, if you are pursuing a career in the arts, or thinking of pursuing a career in the arts and are unsure of if you should do it or not, you should go for it. Honestly, it is probably what makes you most happy, and if you get as excited as I do thinking about all of the directions and possibilities your art can take you in, you really have no choice but to pursue it. Life is supposed to be scary and uncertain, so you might as well be happy while you’re doing it.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

Art Now

Happy Thursday all! Art Now was this Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was a success! If you are unaware, Art Now is the art show put on by Butler’s art students at the end of each semester. The show takes place in the Reilly Room and lasts two days. Being an Art + Design major, I had all of my work from this semester in the show.

I displayed my body of work, which was a relational art piece about how people interact and forge friendships. I also displayed a piece I made out of a busted up George Forman Grill, as well as a collage of sexual innuendos. Art is fun.

"Innuendo? InYOURendo"

I absolutely loved all of the displays, and seeing all of my fellow classmate’s work was great. My favorite aspect of the show was the dance floor. There was a taped off section of the floor that you had to dance through whenever you crossed it, and on Wednesday, one of my professors and two of my classmates and I had a silent dance party. This consists of each participant listening to music on their iPod and dancing together as if the music is playing throughout the room. We looked like fools because there was only music playing in our ears, but it was great.

I also really enjoyed an interactive piece made by my friend and classmate, Britt. She made a mermaid tail and encouraged people to get inside the tail, take a picture, and post it with the hashtag #ArtNowMermaid. I most certainly took a picture, as did many other people. It was great fun!

P.S. If you missed the show, or if you just really love art, swing by the Art Annex past AV and check out Art at the Annex, featuring work from two senior majors. It will be open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. tomorrow!

Me, being a mermaid.

Good luck on finals, and have a great end of the week :)


Happy Friday all! Today marks the end of the first week of classes in the new semester. HUZZAH! My first week back at school was a little stressful, but once I get back into school mode, I will be good to go. I am excited about most of my classes this semester, which is promising.

I am taking the second half of my FYS, or First Year Seminar. All freshmen have to take this class as a sort of transition into being able to read and write at a collegiate level. My class is called Rock & Roll High School and I absolutely love it! I had this class last semester, so I already knew the professor and kids in my class, which is nice. The class is about youth culture and the influences it has in literature and music, so it is a blast!

I’m taking a class called Revolution, which is kind of an art history course, but we also have projects mixed in. I am really excited for it because I honestly don’t know that much about art history, and I would love to learn more.

Another art class I’m taking is called Process. All art majors and minors have to take it, and you essentially make one project throughout the whole semester. We are encouraged to use unconventional materials, or explore with a medium we haven’t used before. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I have been collecting old lists, clothing tags, and random stuff I find on the ground, so hopefully I can incorporate that somehow.

I just declared a journalism minor, so I am taking my first journalism class about news writing in print. I love reading and writing, so I am anxious to see if I enjoy journalism as much as I think I will. I’m excited to see how this class turns out because I have never done anything like this before.

Unfortunately I must take a science class as well. At Butler we have the Core Curriculum, which is a set of classes that everyone must take in order to graduate. There is a natural world (science) credit that has to be fulfilled, so I am taking Urban Ecology to do that.

Ew, science.

The class doesn’t seem too sciency, but I loathe any type of science, so I am not particularly pumped for it.

Those are all the classes I am taking this semester, so hopefully I will learn a lot and enjoy all of my classes. Have a fabulous three day weekend, and thanks for reading :)

Art Now

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully everyone is finding ways to be productive and stay calm whilst preparing for finals! (Did you read my post about stress managing tips?)

This past Tuesday and Wednesday was the annual Art Now event in the Reilly Room. Art Now is the art showcase that displays the work from the art classes throughout the semester. Since I am an Art + Design major, I featured my work from my drawing class in the show.

My display.

The show was absolutely fabulous! I was so excited to see the work from artists other than the lovely work I see during class. There were a lot of interactive pieces, which was super fun. One of my favorite interactive pieces was a chalk board in which people wrote things that they want to do before they graduate. It was really exciting to watch the viewers interacting with the artwork. My favorite thing on the board was a student’s desire to join a twerk team. To whomever wrote that: I will gladly join you!!

My favorite piece in the show was a portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio done by Shelia Tomasbi. I just can’t get over how smooth his face is and how the smolder in Leo’s eyes has been captured to perfection. This picture is truly glorious!

Leonardo DiCaprio by Shelia Tomasbi

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to Art Now this week, do not fret! There will be another one next semester! Have a lovely and productive weekend, good luck on finals, and thanks for reading :)

A student's creative display.




Life-size portraits.









P.S. First Fridays start today! I am showing two pieces at the Harrison Center this evening, so if anyone is interested in viewing some artwork, be sure to check out the various galleries opened tonight!

First Fridays

Happy Friday! As you obviously know, it is the first Friday of the month. I am very excited about this because every first Friday of the month, the Indianapolis art community hosts an event called First Fridays.  This event takes place at art galleries around town and allows you to go in and see the studio space as well as the work various artists have created. I am going on the First Friday trip today with some of my fellow art students and I am so excited!!

I am from Peoria, Illinois, and my town also had First Fridays. Unfortunately, I never attended a First Friday gallery tour back home, so I am extra doubly excited for this one. We will be going to the Harrison Center for the Arts, Gallery 924, and Fountain Square/Murphy Art Center. Since I am an Art + Design major, I obviously love art! I enjoy visual arts, as well as the performing arts, and one of the things I love most about Butler is that there is always an opportunity to immerse yourself in the arts. I will most definitely take pictures at the galleries this evening and post some next week!

Also, here is a picture of me and Ashni’s pick up line, quote, and joke board today!

The pick up line, quote, and joke board

Joke of the week: Why do melons get married? They cantaloupe!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading :)

Art + Design

Hello all! As you may or may not know, I am an Art + Design major here at Butler. Since this is just my first semester here, I am only taking one art class right now. I am enrolled in Drawing, which is one of the basic required courses of someone in the art program. In this drawing class, we present three sketches each week, plus one big project, as well as in-class drawings from observation.

Tuesday is critique day where we bring in the project we worked on over the weekend and present it to the class. We also present our sketchbook and get feedback from the class. I love crit days because I love discussing art and seeing what everyone has created! Thursdays are a little rough for me. We draw what is in front of us for three hours straight. The class sets up a still-life, which is basically a bunch of objects grouped together, and then we draw it. By the end of class on Thursdays, I am mentally drained! It is a long three hours! We are then given another homework assignment to present on Tuesday, and so the cycle continues. Below I have listed some of the work I have created in this class so far! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading! :)

Project 1: Self Portrait

Project 1: Self Portrait (Chalk pastel, sharpie)



Project 2: Object Still-Life

Project 2: Object Still-Life (Graphite)



Project 3: Mark-making

Project 3: Mark-making (Sharpie)


P.S. A Fun fact about the third project- that entire thing is composed of little tiny dots. This technique is called stippling. It took me three days to do. Fun stuff!