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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Stream of Consciousness, Part 2

Happy Friday everyone. I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know what to talk about today. I’m getting sick so my mind feels tired and foggy like I need to sleep for two days straight. This weird state of mind yields perfectly for another stream of consciousness post.

My nose has been running for the past 3 days straight and I just can’t seem to catch it. Ha. I have also been blowing my nose with toilet paper for the past month or so because I ran out of Kleenex and have no car to go buy some more. I know I said this already, but I am inexplicably tired. I think I’ll stop complaining now. Jumbled-Words

I just watched some video made in Australia that was a mock “stay in school” PSA. It consisted of four attractive teenagers skipping school for the day and frolicking on the beach only to discover they were in an explosive zone, resulting in three of the four kids getting blown up. It was super weird and I don’t know how to feel about it. Perhaps I’ll nap today. Or drink a lot of coffee. Or both. I wish hitch hiking was safe. I could hitch hike a lot of places and make a lot of new friends. If my mother sees this she’ll freak out because I’ve discussed hitch hiking with her before. I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books before. Does that make me less of a human? Or should I say muggle? I’m not wearing any socks right now. I wish I was at Starbucks writing this because there is prime people watching there. Instead, I am on the futon in my room. I keep almost accidentally blowing my nose with money because I have some money sitting on my lap and keep thinking its my toilet paper Kleenex. Silly Bekah.

My friends Grant and Hanna and I started filming a video in which we break up with strangers. It was super fun. I’ll definitely blog about it once we’re done. I guess that’s all I have to say today. I hope you enjoyed my word vomit. Stay golden, Pony Boy.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

4 Responses to Stream of Consciousness, Part 2

  1. This post is interesting. Looking forward to your further posts!

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  3. Thank you for sharing, your article is very useful, there are many things to think about

  4. Nancy discipio says:

    No to the hitchhiking, yes to the nap.

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