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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Archive: December 2013

Music Monday: Bastille

Happy Monday to all. Right before I came home for break, my friends and I all became enamored with the band Bastille.

Bastille is an English rock band from London that formed in 2010 shortly after their lead singer, Dan Smith, decided to turn his solo project into a group. The band got a relatively slow start, releasing a single, “Overjoyed,” in 2012. The song didn’t receive much recognition, and neither did their second single, “Bad Blood.” Their third sing single, “Flaws,” received great notoriety and landed a spot on the Top 40. The group has one album titled Bad Blood and also features the song “Pompeii,” which is pretty popular in the United States. If you’ve heard anything by Bastille, it is most likely “Pompeii.”

Although I enjoy their poppy sound featured in most of their songs, I absolutely love their acoustic versions of their songs. My favorite song by them is their acoustic version of “Flaws.” It’s flawless! Ha, get it? They also do some really cool covers over on BBC Radio. I love sound these dudes have. They sound like a mix of Mumford and Sons and Ed Sheeran, but with a bit of an edge. They have a bit of a folkly, breathy sound mixed with upbeat poppiness. Any way you describe it, it’s a great combination.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

“We Can’t Stop (Cover)”

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Christmas Break

Happy Saturday all. I have been very forgetful so far this break, and I have forgotten to properly keep up with my blog; my apologies. I haven’t been doing much, but break has been treating me well.

I work at a department store whenever I am at home, and since it’s the Christmas season, I’ve naturally been working quite a bit. The day after Christmas I had to work at 5:45 a.m., so that was fun. The best part of work is my Work BFF, Erma. She’s a 60-something-year-old woman, and we’ve been working a lot together this break. Work together, friends forever.

Now a vailable at a store near you.

Now available at a store near you.

My Christmas was pretty nice as well. I just spent the day at home with the fam, but it was solid. The highlight of Christmas was that my younger brother, Ben, recorded a cd of him singing several popular songs and gave that to my older brother and me as our gifts. He titled it A Very Benny Christmas. It’s stupendous.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time at this adorable coffee shop in my hometown, and I’ve decided coffee shops soothe my soul. I also officially started writing my memoir, so if you’ve ever wronged me, I’ll probably write terrible things about you.

Enjoy the rest of break and thanks for reading :)

P.S. I decided I’m going to start including the Word of the Day in my posts because words are fun. Today’s word, mea culpa: a formal acknowledgement of personal fault or error

9 Reasons Napoleon Dynamite Rocks

Happy Thursday to all! The other night I watched one of my favorite movies of all time: Napoleon Dynamite. Whilst watching this cinematic masterpiece, I thought of several reasons why Napoleon Dynamite rocks.

1. The opening credits. The opening credits consist of the actors’, producer’s, and director’s names being written on different pieces of food and memorabilia related to Napoleon’s high school. This opening sequence is very creative and gives a splendid glimpse into the quirkiness that ensues throughout the rest of the film. Watch it here.

2. The fashion. Napoleon’s classic go-to look consists of a strange graphic t-shirt, some misshapen jeans, and a pair of black snow boots. Deb, another main character, consistently wears a fanny pack (heck yeah!) and a side ponytail. Uncle Rico dresses like he’s from the 70s, and Kip wears polos and white tube socks.



3. The tots. Napoleon puts tater tots in his pocket and eats them during class. When I was in about 6th grade, and there were tots for lunch, my friends and I put them in our pockets and ate them on the playground.

4. Kip online dated before it was cool. Kip met the love of his life, Lafawnduh, online. They’d chat online for like 2, 3 hours a day, so I guess you could say it was getting pretty serious.

5. Haley Duff. Hilary Duff’s less famous sister played Summer Wheatley. This was the beginning and end of her acting career.

6. The plot doesn’t develop until the movie is ¾ of the way done. Pedro doesn’t decide to run for class president until the movie is almost over, but by then I’ve already become so emotionally invested it doesn’t even matter.

7. The Happy Hands Club. The Happy Hands Club, or sign language club, performs to the Backstreet Boys while wearing sparkly blue dresses. So classic.

8. The dance Napoleon does at the end. This is by far the highlight of the entire film. Napoleon fearlessly shows off his sweet moves to help Pedro seal the deal as class president. Fun Fact: It’s on my bucket list to learn this dance. Sadly I can’t find the real clip of this dance, so just watch this video until 2:15 mark and you’ll be good.

YouTube Preview Image

9. So quotable. This movie is more quotable for me than Mean Girls is for the average teenage girl. “Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner!” “Stay home and eat all the flippin chips, Kip!” “Nobody wants a round-house kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys. Think again!” “Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know I’m training to be a cage fighter.” SO GOOD.

If you’ve never seen this wondrous film, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s magical.

Have a rockin’ rest of break, and thanks for reading :)

6 Reasons I Love Butler

Happy Saturday! Admission packets were sent out to the class of 2018 yesterday. Seeing Butler’s twitter account replying to excited potential students got me thinking about why I am so glad I came to Butler.

1. The size. With over 4500 students, Butler is a fairly small school. I love that the farthest walk on campus takes about 20 minutes, and that you consistently see friends to and from classes, and in the library. The size is small enough you easily see your friends, but not so small that you never meet anyone new.

2. The People. I love making new friends. I’ve blogged about it time and time again, but I develop friend crushes on people and randomly approach them, telling them I want to be their friend. That does sound like a weird thing to do (because it is), but I’ve become legitimate friends with each person I’ve randomly approached. Overall, I feel like everyone I’ve encountered at Butler is very friendly and more than willing to gain a new pal.

3. The Art Program. I’m an art + design major, and I can 100 percent seriously and confidently say that majoring in art at Butler University is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my recent life. The way the program blends art and design elements so each student can determine an area of focus is incredible and unlike any other art program I looked at when applying to schools. On top of that, the professors are beyond helpful and I love having them in class. Best of all, the other art majors are some of my greatest buds. We are all equally weird and our brains work in the same strange ways, so we all get along swimmingly.

So majestic.

So majestic.

4. The campus. Butler’s campus is beautiful. The canal runs along campus, and it is always beautiful in the summer and fall. On top of that, the bell tower is a really pretty area, and Holcomb Gardens is one of my top two favorite places on campus. The academic quad and the mall are also really pretty. IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

5. The Location. While Butler’s campus is fairly small, it is a matter of miles away from downtown Indianapolis. You can easily cruise downtown for a day of sightseeing, or hit up Broadripple for food. Personally, my favorite aspect of Butler’s location is its walking distance to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

6. The Opportunities. Since I’ve been at Butler, I’ve learned so much and become involved in so many things. I was given the opportunity to write for this blog, first of all, which ignited my love for writing and encouraged me to minor in creative writing. Through the art program, I’ve become aware of many local art shows and shown (and sold!!!!) work in several. I’ve gotten to dance in front of thousands of people through my performances on dance team, and I’ve gotten involved in many clubs and organizations that I love. Being involved in things that you truly love, while being surrounded by people who love those things as much as you do, is incredibly inspiring.

There are many more reasons I love Butler, but that could take a while. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted, and best of luck making your final decision!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

Thought Catalog

Happy end of finals! Since I only had one written final this week and all week to study for it, I did a good deal of browsing the Internet between studying. Through this browsing I’ve become obsessed with Thought Catalog.

Thought Catalog is an online collection of entertaining, literary, and journalistic essays written by hired staff members and people like you and me who can submit pieces. Think Buzzfeed, but with fewer gifs, less pop culture, and more insight. I’m a fan of Buzzfeed, don’t get me wrong, but Thought Catalog harbors content that is smart, insightful, emotional, and relatable. Their essays are poignant and significant, and I can’t stop reading. thought-catalog-articles-1

New essays are posted constantly, and there are over 3,000 pages filled with interesting texts to read. A few of my favorites include, “5 Reasons Why We Should Leave Our Smartphones Alone,” “This is What it Means to Have a Woman’s Body,” and “Tell the People You Love That You Love Them.” Since there are so many pages full of thoughts, topics vary from bits of worldly advice, to love testimonials, to funny quotes from popular television shows. There is an essay for everyone!

Since finals are winding down and you’ll most likely have little to do over break, open up your ‘ole computer and check out Thought Catalog. You will not be disappointed.

P.S. Follow them on Twitter because they tweet inspirational quotes, which is always a fun time.

Have a great break, and thanks for reading :)

Finals Week Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday, friends! Today marks the first day of finals, which means staying up till all hours of the night, studying for hours on end, and having stress-filled days and nights, and the occasional mental breakdown. Lucky for you, just like last semester, I have some tips and tricks to stay calm and do your best during finals week.

1. Dress well test well: You know how the saying goes-if you dress well, you will test well. I have no concrete proof that this method works, but I do suggest that you try. A few outfits to try out include Hermione Granger (cape, wand, and all), Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. If you dress smart, you should test smart.

2. Study, study, study: Knowing the material and being well-informed for your finals are key. I suggest using every opportunity possible and studying in the shower. Simply put a plastic bag over your notes and you’re good to go. If you really want to get fancy, however, laminating your pages will take you to the next level. Another effective tactic is to tape notes to the ceiling before you go to bed and wake up every half hour to review. Student-Studying

3. Meditate: Most people suggest taking a break during the studying process to unwind and keep your stress-level in check, but I suggest doing so during the actual exam. If at any point during an exam you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or confused, simply mount your desk to begin meditation. Sitting criss-cross-applesauce with your palms up and rested on your knees is best. Once in this position, close your eyes, take ten deep breaks, and repeat “Oooommmmmmm” for about five minutes. At the end of the meditation, bow to your professor, say, “Namaste,” and finish your exam.

4. Go for a run: Exercise helps reduce stress, and going for a run during study breaks will help get the blood flowing after sitting stationary all day while studying. If you’re an advanced enough runner, just run away from campus and don’t come back. Run home and only return after Christmas break. Your finals can just do themselves.

5. Read: Going along with step number 2, reading proper test-prep materials will help significantly. Scrolling through Twitter, Thought Catalog, and Facebook will increase your scores by 57%, and reading past posts on my blog will increase your results by 82%. Clearly, you know what you need to do.

In all seriousness, you’ve made it this far in the semester and you know what you need to do to finish strong. Good luck studying, good luck on finals, and thanks for reading :)



Art Now: A Review

Happy Friday to all! As you can see from my last post, Art Now was this week. Although the two weeks leading up to the show were incredibly stressful, it went incredibly well and I could not be happier.

My display.

My display.

The show featured work from all art + design majors and minors, as well as work from some PCA classes. Everyone’s display looked super professional, and everyone looked like real life artists. Thirty-five works were sold, which is awesome because that is way more than what has been sold in previous years.

Another highlight from the show was that all of the art students made t-shirts with our professor’s face on it and surprised him by wearing them to the show on Wednesday. We also wore matching plaid over the shirts to honor him. It was weird and exciting and we all loved every minute of it. We had a silent dance party as well, which is when everyone participating wears headphones and dances, so essentially you all look crazy, but it is incredibly fun.

Matchy matchy.

Matchy matchy.

One of the most fulfilling parts about the show, however, was Wednesday night. I was studying in Starbucks and a stranger came up to me and told me how much he liked my work! I was incredibly excited because: 1. I love approaching strangers, so naturally one approaching me was great, and 2. Being told that my work resonated with someone is so fulfilling.

Art Now was an incredible success and just further validated my love for art. If you missed the show, don’t fret. There is a show at the end of each semester, so watch out for the show in the spring.

Have a great weekend, good luck studying, and thanks for reading :)

Art Now

Happy Monday everyone! If you are feeling the stress of finals, stay calm and take solace in the fact that everyone is going through an equally stressful time. You are not alone. In addition to thinking positive thoughts, you should release some energy through viewing wondrous works of art at Art Now.

Art Now is the art + design program’s art show held each semester, showcasing student art work. Art Now will be tomorrow in the Reilly Room from 5-7p.m. and Wednesday from 9a.m.-5p.m. Art majors and minors, as well as some PCA students, have work in the show. Everyone showing pieces is incredibly talented, and a wide variety of work will be there: paintings, drawings, textiles, jewelry, and graphic design, plus more. I also have it on good authority there will be a dance square and a silent dance party on Wednesday. use dis

Seriously, the show is awesome and you can just wander through as you please, so it is definitely worth checking out. Also, all of the art students have been at the art annex till like 4a.m. every night getting stuff ready for the show, so if nobody comes, we will all cry.

Have a great week, stay calm, view art, and thanks for reading :)

Recent Excitement

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve tried writing this post about three times with various different topics and can’t decide on one, so I’m just going to spill out all of my thoughts and ideas regarding things I’m excited about.

Graph Rabbit: As I mentioned Monday, Graph Rabbit was set to perform here this week, and they had a show last night. I took pictures during the show, and afterward the lead singer introduced himself to me, inquired about my photos, and asked that I send them to the band. I also discussed art history with him briefly, told him about my blog, and helped the band carry their equipment out to their van after the show. So yeah, I’m like best friends with rock stars.

Half Price Books: This afternoon my friend Matt and I went to Half Price Books. I had only vaguely heard of this store before, but let me tell you, it was glorious. It is a huge store full of really cheap books, magazines, CDs, and movies. Plus it’s just really cozy and cool. I bought a Kooks CD and Tina Fey’s book for a total of $4. What more could you ask for?!

First Fridays: Every first Friday of the month, various art galleries in the area are open and feature local artists. This evening, me and several of my classmates have work featured in some of these shows, so we are going out to dinner and going to the galleries, and I’m really excited about it. I’ll either make a video or blog post recounting the evening sometime next week.

High School Friends: This morning as I was walking to class, I saw one of my friends from high school who was here for an interview for the art program. It was such an unexpected surprise to see her and I loved it, especially since she’s applying to the art program. art_now

Art Now: Next Tuesday from 5-7p.m. and Wednesday from 9a.m.-5p.m., the annual student art show, Art Now, will be in the Reilly Room. It is really awesome and all of us art students have been working our butts off to get ready for the show. We may or may not have been in the studio till 3 a.m. or later every night this week.

Losing My Mind: All of my final projects and papers are due next week, and Art Now is next week, so I’ve had minimal sleep and am slowly going insane. So that’s fun.

Have a great weekend, come to Art Now, and thanks for reading :)

Connected Disconnect

Happy Wednesday everyone! I love social media as much as the next gal, but quite recently I’ve noticed we often times let it take over and isolate us from real life experiences.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, Facetime, and texting (all available on a smart phone) allow us to be connected at literally any moment of the day. Think of how often you see someone bury their nose in their cell phone while walking to class, at a movie, or hanging out with friends. Checking any and all forms of social media to see what our peers are up to is becoming overwhelmingly constant, and almost seems to be a priority for some. Think about your own use of social media: After you post a status, tweet, or picture, you know you check back far too often to see who has seen it, commented on it, or liked it. We so clearly crave this constant interaction and validation from our peers, but the means by which we are obtaining it isolates us.

There is this strange disconnect occurring by staying connected via social media and smart phones. If you are hanging out with people in real life, but are too occupied with your interactions online, you are inevitably missing out on connecting with the real person in front of you. We so strongly desire validation and interactions with our peers, yet we are literally blinded by every day interactions surrounding us in real life. This is so frustrating to me that someone would rather be scrolling through Instagram as they have coffee with a friend, rather than being present in the conversation at hand. People even use their smart phones while they are driving. I cannot tell you how many people I see checking their phones at stop lights and while driving. Not only is that incredibly dangerous to you and people around you, it is plain stupid. The Internet will still have those ever-so-important Transformation Tuesday pictures displayed ten minutes from now when you safely arrive at your destination. Check it then and be present in the task at hand.

The interactions we crave via social media are truly very self-involved and skew our perception of interacting with others. The very tool we feel essentially connects us to our peers isolates us in the process. If you want to talk to someone, or tell them you like their new shoes, or that they’re really cool, or you want to be their friend, go talk to them in real life. Don’t just like their picture or clever status. Real life, in person relationships with people are priceless and so often taken for granted. You’re really not as busy as you think you are, so put down your smart phone and spend some time really talking to someone. In real life. Without the Internet. Not only will you feel connected to someone in a tangible way, but also the connection will be so much greater.

That’s enough ranting for one day. Now get off the Internet and go live.

YouTube Preview Image

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)