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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Archive: November 2013

Hipster Mermaid

Happy day everyone! The other day I decided to make it my mission to get one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow me (because I am a very busy girl with a lot of really important things to do, and I understand the importance of priorities.) Said Twitter account is @hipstermermaid.

I blogged about this account on my summer blog, which can be seen here. Hipster mermaid is an account run by a man by the name of Braden Graeber. His Twitter bio says he’s from Los Angeles, and he “writes, builds and overthinks.” Other than that, I don’t know this dude’s story, or who he is. All I know is that he is hilarious and everything he tweets is perfect. He makes sarcastically accurate commentary on society and pop culture, and also frequently tweets about hummus. Classic combo!

He favorited one of my tweets once, and I got way more excited that I should have, so now I’ve made it my mission to get him to follow me. Totally normal. Anyhow, check out his account and give him a follow because he’s hilarious and I love him.


Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 1.56.44 AM



Have a great end of break, and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Miley Cyrus at the AMAs

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully everyone has been having a wonderful break so far. As I assume you know, the American Music Awards were last night. I did not watch the awards, but I certainly heard about the crazy performances that went on. Particularly Miley Cyrus’.

Miley performed her new hit “Wrecking Ball,” and to be honest, she kept things pretty tame. Assuming you haven’t seen her performance yet, here’s what happened: Miley stood in the middle of the dark stage wearing a skimpy, high waisted, cat-printed, spandexy two piece with clear, misshapen plastic looking earrings and bracelets. She began singing, and the screen behind her lit up to reveal moving space particles and a giant orange cat, moving it’s little feline mouth along with hers. The highpoint of the performance, of course, was at the two and a half minute mark when the cat sheds tears of diamonds. So poetic. So majestic. So real. Despite all the weirdness happening with her outfit and the scenery, Miley stood pretty stationary and delivered a fairly solid vocal performance. But, what does it all mean?

Let’s start with her outfit. The skimpiness of her outfit directly relates to her vulnerability in loving whomever she is singing about. The ratio of leg and arm exposure correlates with the exposure of her heart and feelings in this relationship. The transparency and deformedness of her jewelry also show how transparent and open she was in the relationship, and how bent out of shape loving this man made her. The floating and exploding space particles in the background represent her feelings throughout the whole relationship and song. They float aimlessly in space then explode suddenly, making the audience really feel how uncontrollable one’s feelings can be. And finally, the cat. The cats on her outfit obviously represent the cat in the background. Miley is the cat. The feline sings along with her as she sings, directly showing that this song is this cat’s anthem. The tears of diamonds show just how precious Miley’s tears are, and how no girl, including Miley, should waste their precious tear ducts crying over a man. The cat even sticks its tongue out at the very end of the song, further proving it and Miley are one.

Although Miley may seem crazy, clearly she has a strong, artistic vision and really thought out every aspect of this performance. I may be being sarcastic here, but all jokes aside, I am a fan of Miley. She does her own thing and expresses her creativity, disregarding what anyone else thinks, and I’ve gotta give her props for that. And whether you’re a fan or not, she’s still got you talking about her.

Have a great break and thanks for reading :)

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Brain Scrub

Happy Wednesday, my friends! In case you haven’t noticed by now from my blog and videos, I am quite strange. Most recently, I have had the peculiar desire to “scrub” my brain. Let me explain.

You know how whenever you get really tired or overstressed, you get a kind of foggy, cloudy feeling in your head? Like there is literal fog or extra air in your brain and everything happening around you is really a dream? No? Well I do. This brain-fog happens to me every once in a while and usually lasts for just the day, but for the first few weeks of school, I was in a fog state for a good few days, feeling as if I was living in a dream. (Maybe I should be psychoanalyzed..?) For whatever reason, the only way I can imagine ridding myself of this fog and confusion is by scrubbing my brain.

The closest thing to a brain scrubber I could find.

The closest thing to a brain scrubber I could find.

I have this very vivid imagery of me scrubbing my brain in the way one brushes his or her teeth. I imagine myself brushing my brain with a potato scrubber of sorts. If I could brush my brain with this magical tool, surely I could rid myself of any and all light-headedness and fog, and emerge from the dream like trance my brain-fog makes me enter. I have vocalized this desire to scrub my brain to many of my friends, with the explanation of the potato scrubber imagery, but no one gets it. (Perhaps I’ll use this image as a form of artistic inspiration and illustrate it in a painting for something.) I am sitting here laughing at myself as I write this because I am totally aware that this is a really bizarre desire, but I think about it far too consistently to not share it with you all.

All I know is that I really need to scrub my brain today, but since that is obviously not possible, coffee will suffice.

Have a great rest of the week, keep pushing through till break, go scrub your brains, and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Lennon and Maisy

Happy Monday everyone! Remember last year when that video of the two adorable little girls clanking cups and singing “Call Your Girlfriend” went viral? Well, over the weekend one of my roommates and I stumbled upon a slew of Lennon and Maisy’s videos and I am now obsessed.

Lennon and Maisy Stella are real life sisters who got their musical start on YouTube. I want to say the girls are 13 and nine-years-old, respectively, based on the ages listed on one of their videos posted a year ago. I am not sure though, so don’t quote me on that. After gaining over 21 million views on their cover of a Robyn/Erato version of “Call Your Girlfriend,” the sisters now star on ABC’s Nashville and have sang at the CMA Music Fest, as well as the Grand Ole Opry. And if their incredible talent wasn’t enough, they are both beautiful!

They harmonize so, so well together, and they both play instruments, and they both sing so sweetly. I just want to be their babysitter or something. I could listen to them sing literally all day long. My personal favorite is their cover of “Headlock” by Imogean Heap. Give these sisters a little listen. They are superb!

“Call Your Girlfriend”

YouTube Preview Image

“Ho Hey”

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Vlog: Dunkin’ Donuts & Value World

I went on an adventure with two of my friends and filmed it.

YouTube Preview Image

This was my first time vlogging in public and it was super fun, so I hope you like it!

Have a great weekend and thanks for watching :)

Stream of Consciousness

Happy Wednesday everyone! I only got about four hours of sleep last night, so my mind is extra strange today. Due to this strangeness, I think we should play a game where I write whatever the heck randomly pops into my head, and you come along for the ride. Let’s begin!

I, along with my friend Britt, keep thinking today is Thursday. My sweater is extremely staticy. My friend Sam just walked in the door. I’m at Starbucks. I am going to go say hello. I’ll be back shortly.

I’m back. Anyway, back to my sweater: I bought it at Value World, which if you don’t know, is the closest thing to Heaven on earth besides Target. It’s a really large thrift store with all kinds of great finds, and the one on 38th street happens to be the largest Thrift Store in Indianapolis. I just saw a kid from my English class walk by. He was wearing a black pea coat. If he were to ever read this, would that be creepy? Not sure. 2423339575_044c637a0c

I actually left there for a period of about six hours due to meetings and dance team practice. Isn’t that strange how the end of a sentence and a break in a line can either represent moving from one thought to another in one instant, or within several hours. CRAZY STUFF! I am eating some Baked Lays right now, and they are pretty tasty. My mom doesn’t like Baked Lays. She also doesn’t like my fanny packs, as I mention in this video. I have a Napoleon Dynamite pen. It actually talks, but the battery ran out, so it has been silenced. That was one of the dumbest thoughts I’ve had all day. I’m sorry I shared that with you. Actually, it probably wasn’t the dumbest thought. Thinking it was the dumbest thought was my dumbest thought.

K byeeeeee!

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Eric Hutchinson

Happy Monday to all! I apologize for forgetting about Music Monday last week. To make up for it, this week’s Music Monday is pretty rockin’. Let’s talk about Eric Hutchinson.

Eric Hutchinson is an American singer-songwriter with some pretty upbeat tunes. He got his start back in 2007 when celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton wrote about his self released album, Sounds Like This. Since then, Hutchinson has released a total of four albums and performed on many late night talk shows.

All of Hutchinson’s song are lighthearted and upbeat, and have a fun vibe to them. He reminds me a bit of an energized Jason Mraz, and his sound falls into the category of the Jason Mraz/Matt Nathanson/Matt Wertz type. Also, judging from the live recordings I’ve heard of him, he’s pretty hilarious; exhibited here. Give some of his songs a little listen.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Rock & Roll”

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OK, It’s Alright With Me

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Watching You Watch Him

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The Weird Ones

Happy Thursday everyone. You may be glad to hear that I am over my existential crisis. Writing about it the other day was a bit therapeutic, and now my pondering has been put to rest. Now I can think of more important things, like YouTube.

This is my fifth post about a YouTube channel, and there are certainly more to come. The channel I am recommending today is The Weird Ones. This channel is run by my dear friend Alexis and her friend Erik. As their channel name indicates, these two are quite strange. Their videos range from “How to Halloween” to cheeky snapchats of their friends (I’m featured in that one!) to musical recommendations. They are so charmingly quirky and awkward, and I just love it!

I am planning on filming a video or two with them when I’m home over Thanksgiving break, so that will be pretty neat. Until then, check out their channel. Also, I blogged about Alexis’ music channel last semester, so take a look at that too. And last but not least, Erik, if you’re reading this, I think you’re really cool and I want to be your friend.

Have a great end to the week, and thanks for reading :)

October Favorites

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Tea Tunes

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My Existential Crisis

Happy Tuesday to all. (The irony of that line, coupled with the title of this post, is unreal.) Quite recently, I realized that I am going through somewhat of an existential crisis. It’s not a full-fledged crisis because I am not totally uncertain of what I’m doing in life, but it’s a little nubbet of a crisis indeed. An existential pondering, if you will. I have just come to the realization that literally nothing matters. (It gets less depressing, I promise. Keep reading.)

We are all here on earth, but why exactly? We live our lives day to day, going to school so we can get good educations to get good jobs to make a lot of money to be happy. Okay, so following that mindset, the point is to make money. But then you realize that money really is not that great and does not bring you true happiness: your relationships with people do. Okay, but then you think that literally no relationships in your life last forever. You grow in and out of friendships and loves, and if you get married, you still die alone. Think about it. baxq

It also really bothers me that nothing in life is certain. Any decision you make, there is always at least one other choice you could have made that would have inevitably changed the course of events unfolding. So how do you know that the choice you made was the right one? You don’t. You just have to trust your instincts I suppose, which I guess is all right because after all, nothing matters.

I am fully aware that all of this sounds incredibly depressing, but it can certainly be inspiring. If there is really no point in life, we should have the most fun possible while we’re here so we can give it a point. We should do whatever ignites our souls and makes us really excited. If no relationships last forever, we should make the most of them all while they exist so we can enjoy it to its fullest. Knowing it doesn’t last forever should make us enjoy it more because the feelings of joy will be gone eventually. The uncertainty in life is what makes it life. If everything were certain, there would really be no use in being here. We would go through the motions and experience nothing.

I guess the bit of information I have gathered through my pondering is that we should surround ourselves with people that excite us, and we should experience things that make us feel fulfilled, and actively seek out those experiences. We should learn as much as we can and soak up as much information and joy as possible and try not to be a jerk in the process so we don’t ruin other people’s experiences. The meaning of life seems to be giving it meaning, and that’s really it.

Thanks for putting up with my semi-depressing rambling. I hate this post as much as you do.

Have a great week, do something that ignites your soul, and thanks for reading :)

Live a Creative Life

Happy Friday to all. With registering for next semester’s classes around the corner, I have been thinking about what classes I need to take, and also what I want to do with my life. Thinking about what I want to do with my life only reaffirmed what I already knew: I have no idea what I want to do once I graduate. Although that is incredibly terrifying, I also think it’s incredibly exciting, especially studying the arts.

I’m an art + design major with a minor in English creative writing and digital media productions. I studied art all four years in high school, and I literally cannot imagine myself doing anything else with my life. I simply would not be happy. Although my art is something I am confident in, this is my first semester with these two minors, and to be honest, it really scares me. I have some academic experience with digital media, but next to none with creative writing. Because of this, I am particularly scared to be an English minor. I have always loved literature and writing, but it’s not something that I ever considered myself to be good at. I’m still not really sure if I’m good at it. I honestly feel way over my head minoring in something that requires so much specialized thought and creativity. I feel like everyone else in the program is supremely talented and I’m just pretending like I can keep up with them. 6a00d8341c4fdf53ef0120a8de5875970b-800wi

The fact that I’m so scared to pursue creative writing makes me want to pursue it even more. The fact that I have so much to learn, and the fact that I will have to challenge myself creatively to succeed, excites me beyond words. That’s how I felt about my art at first as well, and after actively studying it for the past five years, I feel confident in it. This makes me think that I’ll (hopefully) feel like this about writing in the future. On top of the fear of studying something creative, I’m also a little frightened that I don’t know what I want to do once I graduate. I’m not frightened by this in a serious, quarter-life crisis kind of way, but in a I have the power to shape my future and that is overwhelming kind of way. I think it is especially scary thinking about the future as someone studying various artistic subjects because the arts are much more uncertain as far as careers go. I literally have the power to create whatever I want artistically, and that is scary. It’s intimidating to think that a story I write, or a painting I make, or a logo I design could be well enough received by a large group of people that I could make a living from it. Literally anything I think up in my brain could support me for the rest of my life. How freaking rad is that?! That is totally awe-inspiring to me.

I am sort of rambling here, but I suppose the point is, if you are pursuing a career in the arts, or thinking of pursuing a career in the arts and are unsure of if you should do it or not, you should go for it. Honestly, it is probably what makes you most happy, and if you get as excited as I do thinking about all of the directions and possibilities your art can take you in, you really have no choice but to pursue it. Life is supposed to be scary and uncertain, so you might as well be happy while you’re doing it.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)