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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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End of the Week Happiness

Happy Friday everyone! I blogged yesterday about how I have been riding the struggle bus all week long, but thankfully, the end of my week has been pretty good!

I mentioned yesterday that my iPhoto broke, just as I am about to embark on a photographic journey for one of my art classes. Yesterday afternoon, I took my computer to the IT Desk, and they worked their magic. I dropped my computer off for a few hours and they fixed it completely, making my day a lot better. If you ever have computer issues, go see them!

Another plus to the end of this week was Crush Party. Last night, my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, had a mystery date dinner party. We had the option of inviting our own date, or having the other girls in the house pick a mystery date for us without us knowing. Since I am all about being bold these days, I decided to go for the mystery date. My date ended up being my friend Grant, and it was a wonderful time.

Me and Grant

The highlight of the evening was when Grant locked himself in the bathroom and texted me in a panic saying he was trapped. It was really funny, and apparently a few other people later in the evening locked themselves in as well. Classic.

The excitement just keeps coming! One of my best friends from home, Breanna, is coming to visit me today! She will be arriving later this evening and is spending the night. I am so incredibly excited for her to come visit me, meet my friends, and see my school.

The final installment of excitement to the end of this week is that Theta’s semi-formal is tomorrow night. Semi-formal is a dance that the house has every year. The theme is 1920s, and my friend Grant is coming with me to that as well. Hopefully he stays out of the bathroom.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

3 Responses to End of the Week Happiness

  1. Bekah says:

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  2. The Man Who Can't Be Moved says:


  3. Kristen Raves says:

    That is hilarious that Grant texted you from the bathroom. Bonus points for being clever.

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