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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Archive: February 2013

Roosevelt Jones and Kam Woods Are My Homeboys

Happy Wednesday to all! Do you remember that one time where I sat down with Roosevelt Jones and Kameron Woods and told them jokes for about 10 minutes? Me too.

So the other night, Monday to be exact, I was in Atherton eating dinner. I say time and time again how I am a people watcher, and Atherton is where my people watching skills come alive. There are so many people, and I can watch to my heart’s content. Across the room, I saw Roosevelt Jones and Kameron Woods enter. For those of you that don’t know, they are both players for Butler’s stupendous basketball team. Anyone who goes to Butler realizes that the basketball players are known by most people on campus because they are so recognizable. Anyhoo, I saw the duo enter and sit down at a table. For whatever reason, I had the thought that it would be fun to go and sit with them and chat.

I walked up to their table, pulled out a chair, and said, “Hey, do you guys want to hear some jokes?” They both stared at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears, but I had already sat down, so there was no turning back. I asked them again and Roosevelt Jones said yes.

The look on Jones' face when I sat down.

I introduced myself and then started with the jokes. Kameron was hunched over in his chair he was laughing so hard, and just uncontrollably giggled the whole time. The only interaction we really had was when I asked him if he was okay because I legitimately thought he was going to choke while he was laughing. Roosevelt smiled and giggled, but he was looking at me like, “Who is this crazy girl and what is she doing with her life?” After I told about five jokes, I asked them if they had any. They both said no, so I explained to them that I like to tell jokes to strangers. I thanked them for putting up with my insanity and wished them a lovely evening, and I casually sauntered away.

Kam's reaction to my hilarity.

Thinking back on it, the whole thing was just very casual for me, which is strange because approaching two complete strangers and sitting down with them is not casual. Every time I see them now, I will feel obligated to tell them a joke so we establish a relationship and they know me as the Crazy Joke Girl. I’m also contemplating yelling jokes at them from the sidelines at the next basketball game, but that might be a bit much.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Regina Spektor

Happy Music Monday! Because everyone needs more quirk in their life, let’s talk about Regina Spektor. Regina Spektor is an American singer-songwriter and pianist from Russia. Regina’s music is classified as indie folk/pop, but she was associated with the anti-folk movement in New York early in her career. Anti-folk mocks seriousness in most mainstream music and is meant to sound experimental. Regina’s association with this musical movement comes across in her incredibly quirky, and sometimes eerie, tunes.

She has released six albums over the last 11 years: 11:11, Songs, Soviet Kitsch, Begin to Hope, Far, and What We Saw from the Cheap Seats. #RealTalk, Regina Spektor’s music is really strange, but her originality and unique voice is what makes her so great. Her most popular song, “Fidelity,” became popular several years ago, and is her most recognizable song. Some of her songs are a little weird, but overall I really enjoy her music and creativity. Here are a few of my favorites by her. Have a great week, and thanks for reading :)


YouTube Preview Image

“Folding Chair”

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Put Some Pep in Your Step

Happy Friday everyone! This may be a gross generalization, but I feel as if everyone has been struggling a bit these past few weeks. I noticed, especially this week, that a lot of people are getting sick or overwhelmed with school work, and have been put into a funk (myself included). It’s about time to kick that funk in the junk!

It is the end of February, you are losing steam, and you are kind of over the whole school thing. Fear not my dear friends, spring break is on the horizon. As Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Along those same lines, Thomas Jefferson said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” Yes Thomas Jefferson, yes. Let us listen to these wise, dead men and power through these next couple weeks so we can fully enjoy the gloriousness of spring break. Until then, here are a few pep talks to help you through these next few weeks!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend :)

Friend Crushes

Happy Wednesday everyone! Have you ever had someone who you really wanted to be friends with? Like that super cool girl in your English class who could quote Shakespeare, or that cool dude who watched all the same television shows as you? You have a deep desire to get to know this person as more than just an acquaintance. You can already picture the good times you guys would have together because you know you would be such great friends. This, my dear readers, is called a friend crush.

I have mentioned before that I people watch like a pro. Through my people watching, I observe a lot of people, and consequently develop a lot of friend crushes. How do you identify a friend crush you ask? If you have a strong desire to be friends with someone you do not know, you have a friend crush. This can be people in your classes, or even a stranger that you have noticed around on multiple occasions. I have approached 3 of my recent friend crushes, and we are friends now.

One of these friend crushes is a kid named Zack. He has a really sweet fro and just seemed like a really cool dude. A couple weeks ago, I sat down across from him at Atherton and said, “You have cool hair, and I really feel like we need to be friends.” It worked, nice. My next two new friends are these two cool, hipster looking girls named Nicole and Vivian. I also snagged an open seat at their table in Atherton and expressed my desire to be their friend. We bonded through the art of dance last week when we danced together at the One Billion Rising dance protest against domestic violence, so we are friends now too.

Creepy? Probably.

I feel like I have more friend crushes than the average bear, but I am intensely intrigued by people. I have a few friend crushes in the works, so watch out- I might be approaching you next! #Creepy #NotReally #LetMeLoveYou #Friends

If you have a friend crush on anyone, embrace the #BoldMoveJanuary mentality and go tell them! It is quite riveting. Have a great week, and thanks for reading :)


Music Monday: Kate Nash

Happy Monday, all! This week for Music Monday, let’s talk about Kate Nash.

Kate Nash is a British musician from Harrow, London. Kate first burst onto the music scene in 2007 with her number two hit “Foundations.” Shortly after releasing her first single, she was named Best Female Artist at the BRIT Awards, and her first album became number one in the UK. She has two other albums as well: My Best Friend is You and Girl Talk.

Her style is indie pop/rock, and she sounds pretty similar to Lily Allen or Eliza Doolittle. Her songs are incredibly quirky, and her lyrics are quite funny as well. My absolute favorite song by her is Merry Happy, but a close second is Nicest Thing. Here are a few of her songs! Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

Merry Happy

YouTube Preview Image

Nicest Thing

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

The Harlem Shake

Happy Friday everyone! In case you hadn’t noticed, the Internet is a weird place. For whatever reason, society goes through weirdo phases where we obsess over certain viral videos or memes: Gangam Style and McKayla Maroney is not impressed, for example.

She is not impressed

The latest sensation is the Harlem Shake.

I saw several people posting about this on Twitter and Facebook, and I was quite confused. Naturally, I turned to YouTube and Google, two of the most valid sources on the interwebs. Essentially, the Harlem Shake resembles a flash mob of sorts. The participants are usually dressed in strange masks and Spandex. One person starts gyrating in a slightly uncomfortable fashion for the first bit of the video, then when the bass drops, everyone else in the frame join in these gyrations. I do not fully understand what the phenomenon is with this, and quite frankly it makes me a little uncomfortable.

There have been many reproductions of this video, and a couple Greek houses on campus have done their own variations. I have only seen three so far, but my favorite is Kappa Kappa Gamma’s. Delt and Phi Delt have both done some as well. Enjoy these weird videos, and have a wonderful weekend :)

Kappa’s Video

YouTube Preview Image

Valentine’s Day

Happy Wednesday everyone! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is seen as a bogus holiday, but in reality, the only thing bogus about it is the attitude everyone has regarding the day. Single people act like it is horrible because they have no valentine and they will be forever alone, living with 27 cats, knitting sweaters out of their feline companions’ fur.  People in relationships either act like they are so in love they can’t even think about anything other than their honey that they will surely marry some day, or they are just as annoyed as single people and don’t want to pay for a gift and expensive dinner. No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, you probably have a wonky attitude about Valentine’s. Here are some helpful hints to make Valentine’s Day more ordinary, which will make it more special.

1. Remember it is just another day. You experience Thursday once every week; tomorrow is just another Thursday. The only difference is that people will wear red and pink and probably hug each other a lot.  No big deal.

2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends. Write corny love letters for your friends and give them chocolates. Yesterday, my roommate (and valentine) Ashni and I ate a whole container of chocolate covered pretzels, and by golly it was a great time! Embrace the Valentine’s Day traditions, but share them with a larger group of people, exponentially increasing the love (and candy).

Me and my Valentine

3. Tell people you love them all the time. If you do this, Valentine’s Day won’t even seem like anything but another day, which it is. Hug strangers. Tell attractive bystanders pick up lines. Make like a peanut butter and jelly and spread the love! Do so on a regular basis, and Valentine’s Day will be less of a big deal. Plus, you might make some new friends along the way, or people will think you are crazy. Either way, you are building new relationships and carrying on the spirit of #BoldMoveJanuary.

Have a fabulous rest of the week, and a normal Thursday. Thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: The Grammy Awards

Happy Monday, all! Last night was the 55th Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the show due to dance team practice and several meetings for my sorority. Sigh. Since I missed out on the show, I took to the Internet to see some coverage of the night’s festivities.

Adele won again this year (no surprise there) for best pop solo performance for “Set Fire to the Rain.” Sadly, Fun. beat out Ed Sheeran for song of the year with their song “Some Nights.” Fun. also won for best new artist. The Black Keys won best rock performance for their song “Lonely Boy,” which makes me happy. Mumford and Sons unsurprisingly won album of the year for their sophomore album, “Babel.”

Other exciting musicy events in the evening included Taylor Swift throwing shade at her ex Harry Styles. Taylor opened the show with her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” She used a mocking British accent during the speaking portion of the song where she says her ex calls her and says, “I still love you.” Seriously, Taylor? He’s Harry Styles. Don’t mess with him.

My favorite aspect of any awards show is the fashion. There were some good dresses and some bad ones. The most talked about outfit was Katy Perry’s. She wore a mint green Gucci dress with a very revealing neckline. Judging by pictures I have seen, her dress seemed to distract everyone who spoke to her last night.

Ellen DeGeneres distracted by Katy Perry's dress

If you did get a chance to watch the award show, I certainly hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week, and thanks for reading :)

End of the Week Happiness

Happy Friday everyone! I blogged yesterday about how I have been riding the struggle bus all week long, but thankfully, the end of my week has been pretty good!

I mentioned yesterday that my iPhoto broke, just as I am about to embark on a photographic journey for one of my art classes. Yesterday afternoon, I took my computer to the IT Desk, and they worked their magic. I dropped my computer off for a few hours and they fixed it completely, making my day a lot better. If you ever have computer issues, go see them!

Another plus to the end of this week was Crush Party. Last night, my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, had a mystery date dinner party. We had the option of inviting our own date, or having the other girls in the house pick a mystery date for us without us knowing. Since I am all about being bold these days, I decided to go for the mystery date. My date ended up being my friend Grant, and it was a wonderful time.

Me and Grant

The highlight of the evening was when Grant locked himself in the bathroom and texted me in a panic saying he was trapped. It was really funny, and apparently a few other people later in the evening locked themselves in as well. Classic.

The excitement just keeps coming! One of my best friends from home, Breanna, is coming to visit me today! She will be arriving later this evening and is spending the night. I am so incredibly excited for her to come visit me, meet my friends, and see my school.

The final installment of excitement to the end of this week is that Theta’s semi-formal is tomorrow night. Semi-formal is a dance that the house has every year. The theme is 1920s, and my friend Grant is coming with me to that as well. Hopefully he stays out of the bathroom.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

Struggle Bussing

Happy Thursday, friends! This past week I have been incredibly busy and stressed. I had a ton of Urban Ecology and art homework that was due at the beginning of the week. My family visited this past weekend, and since I spent a lot of my time with them, I did not do much of my homework for either of those classes until Sunday night, prompting me to be on the struggle bus all week long.

For Urban Ecology, I had about 100 pages of reading, a lab report, and a test all due Tuesday. I did the majority of all of this work on Monday and stayed up till about 3 a.m. Well played, self. On Tuesday I turned in all of my work for that class, but had meetings out the wazoo, plus an art project to do for Wednesday, so the stress was far from over.

For my art project, we had to use another artist as a source of inspiration and create work from that. The artist I chose was Maria Magdaelna Campos Pons. She does a lot of photographic self-portraits, so by golly that is what I did for my project.

My project.

I took the pictures Tuesday evening and uploaded them into iPhoto with no problems at all. After that, I was whisked away to hours of meetings and practices, and did not get back on my computer to edit the pictures till midnight.

SURPRISE! iPhoto is broken and refuses to open! I restarted my computer about seven times, but to no avail. I had to put the pictures on my roommate’s computer and transfer them onto mine to edit them in Photoshop. Isn’t school fun? At about 1:30, two other art majors texted me saying they were still working on their projects. The three of us sat on the floor in the hallway, eating goldfish and working on our projects until 4 a.m. Good times.

Needless to say, I was very tired yesterday. I also had to dance at the basketball game last night, plus had a meeting after that, so yesterday was a very long day in which I was struggle bussing all day long. Fun fact: Around noon I decided to have some cereal in my room. Whilst chatting with my friends, I became so delusional that I was subconsciously cradling the cereal box like a small child. Neat.

Let this be a lesson to not wait so long to start your work because your iPhoto will screw you over, vastly complicating everything, forcing you to stay up into the wee hours of the night, munching on artificially flavored fish-shaped snacks.

Have a great rest of the week, and thanks for reading :)