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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Archive: December 2012

Les Misérables

Happy Saturday, friends! Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you are aware that the movie Les Misérables opened on Christmas day. I saw the movie last night, and loved it!! Les Misérables was originally a novel by Victor Hugo, but then was adapted into stage versions including the musical, and now this film version. I have seen Les Mis on stage twice before, however I didn’t remember many details. I suffer from movie/play amnesia because I never remember plays or movies, so I was ecstatic to see the show and refresh my memory!

Les Mis is about a man named Jean Valjean, played by Hugh Jackman, who was a prisoner for nineteen years and breaks parole. He starts a new life for himself and becomes incredibly successful. He encounters a starving prostitue, Fantine (Anne Hathaway), and after hearing her story, tells her he will take care of her daughter like she is his own. Jean Valjean raises the girl, Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), and they live a life hiding from Javert (Russel Crowe), a police officer who has spent his life hunting down Valjean. Along the lines, a revolution takes place and some people die, while others fall in love. I am aware that is a horrible summary, but the movie is three hours long and there is a lot going on. It is very difficult to summarize in one paragraph.

For those of you that don’t know, the whole performance, other than a few stray words, is sung. Speaking of singing, how ‘bout Anne Hathaway?! I did not realize that she had such a nice voice! She played Fantine, and did a fabulous job. The scene in which she sings “I Dreamed a Dream” was fanfrickintastic! Hugh Jackman played the lead of Jean Valjean, and he did a good job as well. I was not a huge fan of his voice, but overall I enjoyed his performance. Sacha Baron Cohen played the innkeeper Thénardier, and I was thoroughly impressed. Russel Crowe’s portrayal of Javert was also really good. Russel Crowe has a very good voice, something that many people have been surprised by since musical theater is not his forte. My favorite performance was when Éponine (Samantha Barks) sang “On My Own.” So classic. (Fun fact: Samantha Barks played the part of Éponine in London at the Queen’s Theater production of Les Mis in 2010). I thought the cast did an incredibly job, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! Go see it and add some culture to your life. Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

“On My Own” Trailer

YouTube Preview Image


This is THE VOICE!

Happy Thursday everybody! Since I posted a vlog on Monday instead of the classic Music Monday, I thought I would discuss some music today! Since I have been home for break, I have been watching loads of television. I love lounging around all day, and since I was sick last week, I had the perfect excuse to do just that. I took this prime lounging time to begin catching up on this past season of The Voice.

The season 3 finale of The Voice was about a week ago, so I am a little late to the party. Nonetheless, I have been watching feverishly. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the show, contestants try out, and compete, to be the next great singer. The unique part of the show is that the singing hopefuls audition with the judge’s backs to them. This way the contestant’s looks do not play in to whether or not they make the cut. The four coaches, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera, sit with their backs to the contestants and turn around when they like what they hear, welcoming the singer onto their team, thusly welcoming them to the show.

Every single person who auditions is so incredibly talented! They all make me feel sufficiently inadequate with my musical abilities, but then again, so do most people. As if the talent wasn’t enough to hook me, the always attractive Adam Levine is a coach. *Swoon* I am probably almost halfway through the season so far, but I thought I would share some of my favorite performances with you. I hope everyone is enjoying break, and thanks for reading :)

Mackenzie Bourg “Pumped Up Kicks”

YouTube Preview Image

Melanie Martinez “Toxic”

YouTube Preview Image

Trevin Hunte vs. Amanda Brown “Vision of Love”

YouTube Preview Image

Vlog: Christmas Trivia with Ben

I did another vlog with my younger brother Ben!

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for watching and have a Merry Christmas :)


Happy Friday everyone! I do apologize for my lack of vlogs lately. Finals kept me incredibly busy and now I have fallen ill, but I will start vlogging (with my brother Ben!!) soon!

Word on the street is that the world is supposed to end at midnight tonight. Although this bit of information may or may not be true, it has me thinking: we really should live as if the world were to end tomorrow. A lot of people throw around the phrase YOLO on a regular basis, including myself, making them sound like a jerk.  Although you might sound a bit asinine saying “YOLO”, the principle of YOLO is actually pretty good. We really do only live once, (a novel concept, I know) so we should make the most of our lives while we can. I’m not saying that you should go out and rob a bank because you only live once, but we should live our lives without regrets. If you have the impulse to tell a stranger you like their shoes, you compliment the living daylights out of their shoes! If you have always wanted to walk through a drive through, walk through that drive through like nobody’s business!

Don’t hold back from being yourself and doing things that make you your happiest. Don’t be afraid to be weird, silly, and goofy. Just be yourself and disregard what anyone else thinks. Do what makes you truly happy and don’t live a life in which you regret things you could have done. At the same time, don’t do things that make you happy if it means being a jerk-face to those around you. Also, don’t do things that put you or your friends in danger. The balance of YOLO takes a while to understand, but I have no doubt that you can comprehend the perfect balance.

Although I say YOLO on a regular basis (no shame), I am not a very impulsive person. If I ever do have an impulse, I over think it and convince myself to not act on it. I wish I was able to do more things just because I randomly decided to do it, rather than having the thought and then squelching the idea. I suppose I could change my ways, but sadly the world is ending tonight. If only I would have decided to fully embrace YOLO before my last day on earth. *Sigh*

Joke of the week: Everyone keeps talking about the end of the world like there’s no tomorrow!

Enjoy your last day on earth, and thanks for reading :)

High School is Not Cool

Happy Wednesday! Earlier today I went with some of my friends to visit my high school. Why I did this, I have no idea. I was not a fan of high school and was incredibly happy when it ended, so I told myself I would not go back and visit. One of my friends wanted to go, and there were a few teachers I wanted to see, so I thought I would tag along. As soon as we entered the building I felt incredibly uncomfortable. I did not want to seem like one of “those girls” whose entire life revolves around high school being the glory days, but I felt like that by going back to visit.

She doesn't even go here!

We went during lunch so the cafeteria (conveniently located right by the door we entered) was full of students. I felt like I was in that scene in Mean Girls when that random girl shows up to their spiritual cleanse and Damian yells, “She doesn’t even go here!”  It was nice to see some of my favorite teachers, as well as some of my friends who still go there, but I wish I would not have gone. It was incredibly weird. I am an awkward person, (have you seen my awkward vlog?) so being in a building with hundreds of people that I would avoid eye contact with if I saw them on the street was a little uncomfortable for me. Luckily I did not have any specific awkward encounters, although that would make for a great story.

On a happier note, I recently rediscovered a favorite blog of mine! The blog is called A Beautiful Mess and it is absolutely fabulous! I came across this blog last yearish and stumbled upon it the other day. It has posts about crafts, photography, recipes, decor, fashion, and beauty, so if any of those topics interest you, for sure check it out! Enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: City and Colour

Happy Monday! This Music Monday is devoted to City and Colour. City and Colour is the stage name for musician Dallas Green (get it, city and color?!). Green used to be in a post-hardcore band called Alexisonfire. This is incredibly funny to me because the music he makes as City and Colour is so incredibly mellow it could not be further from hardcore. Green’s music is acoustic and melodic and is very relaxing.

He has released three albums, Sometimes, Bring Me Your Love, and Little Hell, as well as nine extended plays. Here are a few of my favorite songs by City and Colour. I hope everyone is enjoying break, and thanks for reading :)

“The Girl”

YouTube Preview Image

“Hello, I’m in Delaware”

YouTube Preview Image

“Save Your Scissors”

YouTube Preview Image

Breakity Break Break

Winter break has officially begun. Yippie skippie!!! As I said in my last post, I finished finals on Wednesday. Since I was done with finals, I went home with my roommate Ashni for the afternoon. She is from Westfield, Indiana and lives only about 20 minutes away from Butler. Westfield is close to Carmel, so while we were home, we hit up the Carmel Arts District.

This area was incredibly cool. There were a bunch of different shops and bakeries, and some really neat art galleries. My favorite aspect of the district was the various statues sprinkled throughout the area. Me being the expert model that I am, had to take a picture with each and every one of these statues. Here are a few of my faves!

Assaulting a police officer

My husband and I teaching our daughter to ride a bike.

Having a snack

Trying to steal a kiss. Don't tell my husband!

This trip was a great start to my break, and yesterday was fun too! I got home yesterday, but on my way out of town, my friend Kelsi and I hit up the mall and did some shopping, kicking our break off right. I am really looking forward to being home, relaxing, and spending time with the fam. Have a fabulous break, and thanks for reading :)

Finals Are Donezo!

Happy Wednesday to all! Today is a glorious day because as of 8:48 this morning, I finished all of my finals! Yippie skippieeee!!! I only had one written exam for my anthropology class, and that was this morning. Other than that, I had many papers, a presentation, and art projects. The bulk of my finals work was due last week, so this week was not too stressful. Either way, I am very happy to be officially done for the semester!

I was originally supposed to stay until Saturday and dance at the Crossroads Classic basketball game with the rest of the dance team, but unfortunately we are no longer performing. I am going home on Friday now, so I suppose it will be nice to get home a little earlier than I expected. Speaking of nice things, I have some wonderful YouTube videos to share with you.

As you can probably tell from some of my other posts, I love YouTube. I recently started watching some videos by The Fine Brothers and they are all hilarious. They do a lot of different stuff on YouTube from full on television production-type videos to more simple, weekly videos. I have been watching their React series of videos in which they show kids, teens, or elders a video clip of some sort and then ask them questions about it. It might not sound too entertaining, but it is indeed hilarious! I have put some of my favorite videos down below. Good luck with the rest of finals, have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading :)

Elders React to Gangnam Style

YouTube Preview Image

Teens React to Toddlers and Tiaras

YouTube Preview Image

Kids React to It’s Thanksgiving

YouTube Preview Image


Music Monday: Sit Back & Relax

Happy Monday everyone! Since finals are starting this week, I thought I would share some relaxing music with you today to help you stay cool, calm, and collected.

The first song is “The Boat” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Benjamin Francis Leftwich is an English indie/folk singer songwriter from York. He has released one album, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm, as well as several extended plays. This song is perfect to me. It is slow and flowy and is the perfect song for relaxation.

YouTube Preview Image

“Blood” by The Middle East is my next relaxation song for you. The Middle East is also an indie/folk band, and they are from Australia. They have released two albums, The Recordings of the Middle East and I Want that You Are Always Happy, as well as several extended plays. This song is also incredibly relaxing and wonderful.

YouTube Preview Image

My final song is “The Chain” by Ingrid Michaelson. Ingrid Michaelson is an American indie-pop singer who has released five albums: Slow The Rain, Girls & Boys, Be OK, Everybody, and Human Again. This song is very ethereal sounding, as is all of her other music.

YouTube Preview Image

Good luck on finals, have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading :)

Art Now

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully everyone is finding ways to be productive and stay calm whilst preparing for finals! (Did you read my post about stress managing tips?)

This past Tuesday and Wednesday was the annual Art Now event in the Reilly Room. Art Now is the art showcase that displays the work from the art classes throughout the semester. Since I am an Art + Design major, I featured my work from my drawing class in the show.

My display.

The show was absolutely fabulous! I was so excited to see the work from artists other than the lovely work I see during class. There were a lot of interactive pieces, which was super fun. One of my favorite interactive pieces was a chalk board in which people wrote things that they want to do before they graduate. It was really exciting to watch the viewers interacting with the artwork. My favorite thing on the board was a student’s desire to join a twerk team. To whomever wrote that: I will gladly join you!!

My favorite piece in the show was a portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio done by Shelia Tomasbi. I just can’t get over how smooth his face is and how the smolder in Leo’s eyes has been captured to perfection. This picture is truly glorious!

Leonardo DiCaprio by Shelia Tomasbi

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to Art Now this week, do not fret! There will be another one next semester! Have a lovely and productive weekend, good luck on finals, and thanks for reading :)

A student's creative display.




Life-size portraits.









P.S. First Fridays start today! I am showing two pieces at the Harrison Center this evening, so if anyone is interested in viewing some artwork, be sure to check out the various galleries opened tonight!