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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Archive: November 2012

Presidents and Registration

Happy Wednesday to all! Since I am not really into politics, I will just briefly touch on the appointment of the president last night. As I am sure you all know, President Obama will be serving for another term. As with any election, some people are happy and some people are miffed. As I mentioned before, I am not into politics, so I did not vote (I know I am a horrible person). By the time I actually had the desire to vote, I had missed the registration date. Oh well. Speaking of registering for things, how ‘bout registering for next semester’s classes?!

Over the past few weeks, students across campus have been registering for classes for next semester. I registered today and let me tell you it stressed me the heck out! Picking out classes for my shopping cart was stressful enough, and on top of that I realized last night that two of the classes in my shopping cart overlapped. #FREAKOUT!!!!!!!

A pictorial representation of my mental state while registering.

I spent two and a half hours last night trying to rearrange my schedule so I could figure something out. Finally I got everything settled, so then I was just stressing on getting into every class I picked. I registered today at noon, and thankfully I was able to get into every class I needed to. If any of my classes were full, I probably would have had a brain aneurism. Everyone that I have talked to has said they have been very stressed because of registration, tests, and what not, so the stress in the air is palpable! If you are getting stressed this week, keep calm and remember that Thanksgiving break is ten days away! Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Little Things

Happy Monday everyone! As we know, this past weekend was Family Weekend. My mother and father came and it was wonderful seeing them! We went out to eat several times as well, so it was splendid not having to eat Atherton food like usual. The most exciting event of the weekend by far was discovering that there is a camel on campus! There was a campus wide lock down yesterday due to a robbery suspect running through campus. In one of the alert now messages, BUPD accidentally said the suspect was headed to the camel. One can only assume they meant canal. Either way, Butler got itself a new fury friend. The camel even has its own Twitter!

Keeping in the spirit of Music Monday, let’s just take a minute and talk about One Direction’s “Little Things” music video. One Direction’s newest single “Little Things” came out last weekish and it is SO good! Ed Sheeran wrote it, so then again, how could it not be?! I am not saying the song is good just because I am a typical teenage girl who is in love with One Direction. The song is really pretty and all of their voices sound really solid. The music video is quite nice as well. I am saying the video is good just because I am a typical teenage girl who is in love with One Direction. They are all so beautiful and I just can’t get over it. The black and white camera lens, coupled with the soft lighting, the candid shots of them laughing, and their angelic voices is too perfect to bear. *Swoon* And their hair. I just can’t get over their hair. That is enough fangirling for one day so I will leave you with the video. Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading :)

YouTube Preview Image

The Weekend

Happy Friday to everyone! This weekend is a fairly exciting one because it is Family Weekend!! Yaaahoooo! My mom and dad are coming tomorrow and I am so excited to see them! They came and visited me about a month ago, but I was so busy that I didn’t get to spend much time with them. I am greatly looking forward to seeing them! Unfortunately neither one of my brothers can come, but I will be reunited with them in a few weeks at Thanksgiving!

Another exciting aspect of this weekend is that it is the Dance Team Clinic! The clinic is tomorrow and consists of us teaching young girls a dance that will be performed at the basketball game on Saturday evening. We are dancing to One Direction, and as I have posted before, I am a fan of 1D. It will be fun to dance with all of the little girls at the game as well!

The 2012 Butler Dance Team!

Classic Joke of the Week: Why was the scarecrow promoted? He was outstanding in his field!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to start vlogging soon (probably next week), so watch out for that!! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading :)