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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Archive: September 2012

Modern Family

As you may or may not know, season 4 of Modern Family premiered on Wednesday. Modern Family is a hilarious television show on ABC. It has won countless Emmys and has received rave reviews from critics.  I didn’t watch any of last season so I was afraid I would be out of the loop and really confused by jumping into another season, but I thoroughly enjoyed it with no confusion at all.

The season 4 premiere was very promising for another fun filled season! The most significant happenings were that Cam and Mitchell got a cat to fill the void of not being able to adopt another child, and Gloria revealed she is pregnant! I am looking forward to seeing Gloria and Jay’s baby when he or she is born. Like always, Phil Dunphy did not disappoint. He is by far my favorite character on the show. For me, the highlight of the episode was when Phil took Jay fishing for his birthday and caused him to fall into the water while blindfolded. Classic. I am looking forward to another hilarious season. If you have never watched Modern Family before, I would highly recommend it!!

Joke of the week: What did the baby corn say to the mom corn? Where’s the pop corn?

Happy Friday and thanks for reading :)

Season 4 Promo

YouTube Preview Image

Phil Dunphy in his prime

YouTube Preview Image


Happy Wednesday to all! It is no secret that social networking is slowly taking over the world. I love the internet just as much as the next guy, so naturally I have succumbed to all of the social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. I would like to particularly talk about Twitter…I don’t tweet terribly often because I hate myself every time I do, but I do on occasion because I’m a modern teenager and can’t not do it. A major part of Twitter is hashtagging. Let me tell ya, I love me some hashtagging! Anyone who knows me will confirm this as well. I don’t get too cray with hashtagging on Twitter, but I do enjoy hashtagging in real life conversations.

The technique is simple. You simply make a hashtag symbol with your fingers and either say hashtag as you say it, or just chuck up them fingers.

Real life hashtag technique

Real life hashtag technique

Here is an example: You take the last cookie in the cookie jar and your friend is upset. You thoroughly enjoyed the cookie so you say either “#SorryI’mNotSorry (note the hashtag is made from your fingers), or “Hashtag SorryI’mNotSorry.” Making the symbol while saying the second one is optional, but I like to make the symbol either way because I like to live on the edge. My favorite real life hashtags are #BetterOffWithoutYou, #NailedIt, #StressOnStressOnStress (any word can be subbed for stress, making this last one adaptable to any and every situation), plus a few others. I know this sounds ridiculous and stupid but that is mostly because it is, however it is incredibly satisfying so if you enjoy hashtagging via the interent, you should definitely give it a try! Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for reading! #YouDaBest :)

*Also, I linked my Twitter and Pinterest above so you should follow me!!

Music Monday: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Happy Music Monday everyone! I went to an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros concert last night, so this Music Monday I am going to discuss Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! The band is led by Alex Ebert and is categorized as an indie rock or folk type band, but I basically I describe them as a bunch of hippies. Either way, they are great! Alex Ebert formed the band back in 2007 after meeting fellow singer Jade Castrinos, and they have released two albums since being together. The band consists of ten members, but they sometimes have a few extra instrumentalists onstage with them.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The concert last night was at the Egyptian Room downtown. It was a lovely venue: nice and open with a large stage. The concert was spectacular! The Magnetic Zeros were so incredibly fun to watch. I had a smile on my face the whole time! Alex Ebert and his crew all came out on stage waving and smiling, wearing hats and or sporting facial hair, exuding an “I’m happy to be alive” type vibe. Alex had an oh-so-chic bun on top of his head and was wearing some sort of long john shirt; clearly he was ready to rock. They played several new songs that haven’t been released on either of their albums, Up From Below or Here, but they will be releasing them sometime in the near future. I was most excited because they played my three favorite songs by them: Janglin’, That’s What’s Up, and my absolute favorite, Home. Unfortunately, my camera died before the end of the show, which was when they played Home, but I did get a few pictures and videos before then!

Alex Ebert, style icon.

Another highlight of the show was at the end of the set list, Alex asked the audience if he could just come and sit on the floor with all of us as he sang their last song. It was so cool! The entire room sat on the floor and we were just chillin’ as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros serenaded us. If you have never seen them, but are a fan, I would definitely recommend it! Here is a video of Janglin, but it is in two parts because my camera died before recording the whole thing (sorry!). I also linked videos to all three of the songs I mentioned, so be sure to check those out! Have a great week and thanks for reading :)



Janglin’ (Intro)

YouTube Preview Image

Janglin’ (Refrain)

YouTube Preview Image


I Got Lost

This week, I am going to start out with a joke. Knock knock. Who’s there? Bekah. Bekah who? Bekah the stupid freshmen who decided to go for a wog (walk/jog) and got lost for an hour and a half and missed class.

So that was my morning yesterday! I decided to wake up and get some exercise. I don’t like going to the gym because I feel awkward and out of place, but I don’t mind exercising outside occasionally. I usually wog (walk/jog, a term I coined myself) for about half an hour and then call it a day. My roommate Ashni went on a run earlier in the week and told me a route she took that sounded good to me. I would wog for half an hour and then make it back in plenty of time to shower and go to my eleven o’clock class. I started off at 9:45 going the way she said (or so I thought), turning right at the stoplight she had described to me. After a while, I ended up on Michigan Street. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was, but I continued up the road for a while then decided to turn right onto a side street. I have only been in Indianapolis for one month now, and I already struggle with the most direct route to get somewhere, so you already know this is going to be a trip. I turned onto 54th street just because it was there and looked like a good street to turn on. I continued down and ended up in a neighborhood, Kessler Court or something like that. I ran around there for a little while, trying to find a way out. Then I came upon Kessler Street, which actually sounded familiar to me! I got excited and turned left. I had given up on jogging by now and just went for the walking portion of my wog. I went for a little while down Kessler then saw a sign for Michigan Street, which was exactly where I came from. I turned back around and started walking in the opposite direction. Finally I came upon two construction workers digging holes in someone’s yard. I asked for directions and they told me to continue as I was going until I ran into Illinois Street.

I had originally planned on making it back by 10:20 to shower and get ready for class, but at this point I had eliminated the plan to shower because it was 10:20. I continued down Kessler Street for a really long time, asking myself why I didn’t bring my phone. I know why, it is because I didn’t want to have to carry that, plus my iPod and keys, and I am dumb and thought it was a good idea to leave it behind. Anyway, I continued down Kessler until I finally saw Illinois. I turned on Illinois and started going for about half a mile. I saw a precious old lady in her yard gardening and I asked her for directions. She said to just keep going and I would run into shops and things where I could ask for more directions. She wasn’t much help, but she and I chatted about her son for a little bit, so I think she enjoyed my visit. I kept going on Illinois until I came across a bridge leading to the canal. By now I knew exactly where I was because my unit had walked this way a few weeks ago to get to the Flying Cupcake, which was just up the street. I knew from where I was that I still had 1.7 miles to go. Ahhgg. It was 11:00 by now so I obviously was missing class. I walked along the canal and made it back to my dorm safely. Along the way I did contemplate asking someone for a ride, but the idea freaked me out quite a bit. Although I missed class and was trekking all about the surrounding area, I did indeed learn one very important lesson from this experience: No one should ever exercise. Ever. Happy Friday and thanks for reading :)

Joke of the Week: What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison.

Also, here is me and Ahsni’s pick up line, quote, and joke board today!

The pick up line, quote, and joke board.

Daily Grace!

Happy Wednesday to all! Today I would like to share a love of mine with you. This love is Grace Helbig. Grace Helbig is an American comedian and vlogger who puts videos on YouTube and MyDamnChannel Monday through Friday as part of her channel, DailyGrace. You might be asking yourself, what is a vlogger? Vloggers record videos on a consistent basis and post them on the internet. Once a vlogger reaches a certain number of subscribers, or consistent viewers of his or her videos, he or she is presented with the possibility of making a career out of vlogging. These video blogs can be about whatever the vlogger wants, and I think DailyGrace nails it every time! A relatively well known vlogger is Jenna Marbles, but personally I prefer DailyGrace over anyone on YouTube, any day of the week.

Grace has a different theme for each day of the week, which always keeps her videos interesting. Monday is just a random day where she talks about whatever she wants. On Tuesday, she hazes people by looking at past comments and making fun of people’s user names. It is officially on my bucket list to get hazed by her, but sadly it has yet to happen. Wednesday is for reviewing, whether it be a song, movie trailer, or book. On Thursdays she teaches you how to do something (it is always great when she cooks). Fridays are known as Sexy Friday where Grace uses her incredible awkwardness to talk about something not sexy at all, making for a really great time. She has 500 videos, so she has plenty of hilarious material. I linked her channel earlier in this post, but here is her Twitter (she has funny tweets), and Tumblr. If you enjoy laughing, you should definitely check her out. I will leave you with a few of her videos! I hope you enjoy DailyGrace as much as I do, and thanks for reading :)

The Real Housewives

YouTube Preview Image

How to make Funfetti Brownies

Amy Poehler?!

YouTube Preview Image


Music Monday: Young the Giant

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week. For this Music Monday I will be talking about a band called Young the Giant. Young the Giant is an American Indie-Rock band that got together in California back in 2004. The band was formerly known as The Jakes, but changed their name late in 2009. The members of the band include Sameer Gadhia, Jacob Tilley, Eric Cannata, Payam Doostzadeh, and Francois Comtois.

The band released their debut album, Young the Giant, back in January 2011, but had recorded a few extended plays prior to this release. Young’s first two singles, My Body and Cough Syrup, were both placed in the top five on the U.S. Alternative Songs chart. The band also performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011 and is currently finishing up a tour. Fun fact, their song My Body is presently being featured on a commercial for Corona Beer (I tried to find a clip of the commercial but I couldn’t. Sorry!). Another fun fact about that song: It is one of Colbie Caillat’s favorite songs! I saw her in concert over the summer and the guy who opened for her sang it because she loves it!

I absolutely love their sound and how their songs are mellow but catchy at the same time. Anyhoo, here are a couple of songs by Young the Giant. I hope you enjoy them! Happy Monday and thanks for reading :)

P.S. Any Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros fans, they are playing next Sunday at 7:30 at the Egyptian Room in Indianapolis! Here’s the ticket info for anyone interested!

My Body

YouTube Preview Image

Cough Syrup

Shake My Hand (from when they were The Jakes)

YouTube Preview Image

Take Me Home (also from when they were The Jakes)

YouTube Preview Image

My Roommate!

Happy Friday everyone! For this post, I decided I am going to talk about my lovely roommate, Ashni. Like most incoming freshmen, I was very nervous before starting school here. One of the things I was most nervous about was who my roommate would be. I decided to have my roommate randomly chosen for me, so I was a little anxious to find out who I would be paired with. Would we get along? Would she stay up super late or get up super early and cause all kinds of ruckus?! Thankfully, my roommate and I get along swimmingly!

Our daily pick up line, quote, and joke.

Our daily pick up line, quote, and joke.

Ashni and I have become great friends these past few weeks and we hang out together a lot. We are often rather goofy, but it is always a great time. We speak in British accents on a regular basis (so often that we had to restrict ourselves from doing it for several days). We also have a daily pick up line, a daily quote, and a daily joke we write on the board outside our room. Basically, we think we are hilarious all of the time, and that’s mostly because we are :) Ashni is Indian and knows how to do henna tattoos and she dishes them out like it’s her job. I also went home with her over Labor Day weekend and we ate a bunch of Indian food. We had dhar bhat and it was delicious! I had never had Indian food before so it was a good time. I would say I definitely lucked out as far as roommates go.

Ashni and I

Ashni and I

Corny Joke for Friday: Why did the hipster fish leave the pond?

It was too mainstream.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for reading :)

Art + Design

Hello all! As you may or may not know, I am an Art + Design major here at Butler. Since this is just my first semester here, I am only taking one art class right now. I am enrolled in Drawing, which is one of the basic required courses of someone in the art program. In this drawing class, we present three sketches each week, plus one big project, as well as in-class drawings from observation.

Tuesday is critique day where we bring in the project we worked on over the weekend and present it to the class. We also present our sketchbook and get feedback from the class. I love crit days because I love discussing art and seeing what everyone has created! Thursdays are a little rough for me. We draw what is in front of us for three hours straight. The class sets up a still-life, which is basically a bunch of objects grouped together, and then we draw it. By the end of class on Thursdays, I am mentally drained! It is a long three hours! We are then given another homework assignment to present on Tuesday, and so the cycle continues. Below I have listed some of the work I have created in this class so far! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading! :)

Project 1: Self Portrait

Project 1: Self Portrait (Chalk pastel, sharpie)



Project 2: Object Still-Life

Project 2: Object Still-Life (Graphite)



Project 3: Mark-making

Project 3: Mark-making (Sharpie)


P.S. A Fun fact about the third project- that entire thing is composed of little tiny dots. This technique is called stippling. It took me three days to do. Fun stuff!

Music Monday: Ed Sheeran

Happy Monday to all! As I said last week, I am going to make every Monday, Music Monday. My friends and I in high school started sending each other music each Monday to make one of the dullest days of the week a bit more special. Since we all liked it so much, I thought I would share the idea of Music Monday with you!

This week I am going to recommend some music by Ed Sheeran. I mentioned him last week in my post about One Direction, but I thought he deserved a post all to himself. Ed Sheeran is a British musician who has released eight extended plays and one album. His debut album, +, has done incredibly well in England, and his single The A Team has begun to be played on the radio here in the United States. I downloaded his album in the early summer and I am still obsessed. His voice and lyrics are fabulous and you should definitely check him out. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions for any music recommendations. Happy Monday and thanks for reading! :)

The A Team

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Small Bump

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, the excitement!

Wednesday night I went to see a play called Seven that was being shown here on campus. This show was put on by the Butler University Theater with the Phoenix Theater. The show chronicled the stories of seven women from different countries, telling their individuals stories of how they have overcome adversity.  The play was really interesting and all of the actresses did an amazing job portraying people from all over the world (all of the accents were really convincing!) By going to the play, I also knocked out one of my Butler Cultural Requirements, which was an added bonus! The play is being shown again tonight and tomorrow night at 8 p.m. in the theater in Lilly Hall, so you should check it out!

Tonight is the first home volleyball game, and tomorrow night is the first home football game. I am excited for both games because the dance team will be dancing at them! Tonight is also the second annual Butlerpalooza. The bands featured will be Smash Mouth and Chiddy Bang. The concert starts at 8 p.m. and runs till about 10:30 p.m. The Concert will take place at Clowes Memorial Hall, and tickets must be picked up sometime today before 5 p.m., so make sure to get your tickets if you are planning on going! Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. is the Penrod Art Festival outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art, so that is another wonderful thing to check out!

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth

There are plenty of fun things to do this weekend, so make sure you go and out and do them. I am also going to include a corny joke every Friday, so here goes: Why did the hipster burn his tongue?

He drank his tea before it was cool.

Happy Friday and thanks for reading :)