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Hey, I'm Austin, and I'm currently a freshman here at Butler! I'm an ENTJ, a travel junkie, and an entrepreneur. I'm an Alpha Kappa Psi brother & True Blue Mentor, as well as being a part of Entrepreneurship & Innovation club, the volunteer center, and a student production crew member at the brand new Schrott Center. I also am a part of the student-run business, the Butler Bed Buddy. I'm always looking for something to get involved with on campus as well. Go Dawgs!

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Back to Butler

Here I am again, late night blogging, but I’m back on campus after an awesome fall break! If you haven’t read my past few blogs, I spent my fall break with one of my best friends in Washington D.C. who attends Georgetown. While there, we explored every aspect of the city- from the monuments to the malls, we relied on the metro to get us from place to place when we decided we were sick of walking. We ended up in Arlington, Virginia on several occasions…sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident.

The U.S. Capitol building at night!

The view of the Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument from the bay.

Although I’ve been to Washington D.C. several times, I never get sick of seeing the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, it was gated off and closed due to an earthquake that caused cracks and damage to the monument. That was unfortunate, but it is being repaired!

When I got back to Indy this morning at about 11:30, campus was dead. I ended up taking I’d say a 5ish hour nap after unpacking and what not, and by the time I woke up at 6:30 it was a whole different world. Campus was filled with life once again, and everyone was preparing for the full work-week we have ahead of us. It’s great to be back on campus, though. Happy Monday, all!

10/11/12 & how it’s significant

October 11th of the year 2012 was a Thursday- a significant one at that. Today marks the first official day of “fall break.” Woohoo! Today was an awesome day. First and foremost, I woke up in the beautiful city of Washington D.C., and explored downtown and took the Metro all over the city. My friend Zach and I walked around EVERYWHERE, and it was a blast but also exhausting.

I’m staying until Sunday, and then flying back to Indy and will the back on campus. Butler looks truly incredible in the fall, and it this time last year that I actually visited campus and fell in love with it. So I DEFINITELY recommend checking out campus sometime this fall if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it!

Here’s a song that I pretty much listened to the entire way on the plane ride to D.C.- check it out! Happy fall break!

YouTube Preview Image

So close, yet so far

It’s Monday- the week just began, but it’s a short week! Fall break is on Thursday and Friday, and I’ve not been so excited for a break since I don’t even remember. It’s not that far away, but it feels like it! The reason why I’m so excited, even though it’s a short break, I’m actually flying to Washington D.C. to visit my best friend from high school who goes to Georgetown. We’re going to go to different places, including the National Zoo and a variety of other monuments. I’m incredibly excited!

I also love love LOVE flying, and cannot wait to be up in the air again! I flew for the first time this past April to Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend the DECA International Career Development Conference, or ICDC for short. That was one of my greatest experiences in high school by far, and I definitely recommend the organization as a whole itself.  And also Salt Lake City was BEAUTIFUL. Here’s a picture I took when we landed, and there was still snow on the mountains!

View from the Salt Lake City International Airport

All in all, it was a great experience. Happy Monday, and here’s to a great week!