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Hey, I'm Austin, and I'm currently a freshman here at Butler! I'm an ENTJ, a travel junkie, and an entrepreneur. I'm an Alpha Kappa Psi brother & True Blue Mentor, as well as being a part of Entrepreneurship & Innovation club, the volunteer center, and a student production crew member at the brand new Schrott Center. I also am a part of the student-run business, the Butler Bed Buddy. I'm always looking for something to get involved with on campus as well. Go Dawgs!

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Science Fiction to Science Reality – 27 Cases

Not only was 2012 a great year for myself, but it was also an innovative year for science as well. In a recent article on Spaceblow, 2012 brought about a variety of new cases of science fiction who were made into realities, ranging from invisibility cloaks to houses built by 3D printers, science is rapidly advancing a lot further than I had seriously expected it to!

I can’t wait to see how far science will advance in 2013! Seriously, check this article out. I guarantee you will be surprised just as I was!

2 Responses to Science Fiction to Science Reality – 27 Cases

  1. This really is what makes science fiction important. Hard science fiction is particular is invaluable to science.

  2. It seems that Science Fiction can and often does play the role of oracle for sciences future. While these predictions are often far off base, they never the less serve as a giant think tank and inspiration for futurist.

    To me the question is less, how many of these predictions came true, and more, how many of these inventions were inspired in some way or another by earlier Science fiction.

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