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Hey, I'm Austin, and I'm currently a freshman here at Butler! I'm an ENTJ, a travel junkie, and an entrepreneur. I'm an Alpha Kappa Psi brother & True Blue Mentor, as well as being a part of Entrepreneurship & Innovation club, the volunteer center, and a student production crew member at the brand new Schrott Center. I also am a part of the student-run business, the Butler Bed Buddy. I'm always looking for something to get involved with on campus as well. Go Dawgs!

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Part 1.5

Yeah, so my last blog post I said I’d make a part two to it and yeah…I have yet to be able to find the time to actually make that possible. This has been the craziest week of my life on campus, and I’ve averaged probably 4 hours of sleep every night just because I have so much stuff going on.

With that being said, you could probably assume that I’m more than ready for Thanksgiving break. I’m not necessarily ready for what stands between myself and Thanksgiving break, though…today alone I have to work from 5-7, meet with my business group from 7-7:30, go to the Speakers Lab from 7:30-8 for my FBE presentation, and take my final exam as a pledge for Alpha Kappa Psi from 8-9. Between now and 5, I have to finish my part of the presentation as well as work on a paper I have due tomorrow for my 9AM class, AS WELL AS study for an exam I have tomorrow for my business class. Tonight’s not looking that promising for sleep for me as well, considering all I have to do.

Oh, and I let my roommate practically shave my head yesterday. That was…interesting. It’s not all gone, but it is mostly. I’ll have pictures of that within the next few days, though!

And what better way is there to look forward to Thanksgiving break than to watch the opening of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, right? Enjoy!

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  1. Kristen Raves says:

    Enjoy Thanksgiving break!

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