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Hey, I'm Austin, and I'm currently a freshman here at Butler! I'm an ENTJ, a travel junkie, and an entrepreneur. I'm an Alpha Kappa Psi brother & True Blue Mentor, as well as being a part of Entrepreneurship & Innovation club, the volunteer center, and a student production crew member at the brand new Schrott Center. I also am a part of the student-run business, the Butler Bed Buddy. I'm always looking for something to get involved with on campus as well. Go Dawgs!

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7 Quick Steps to Baking a Cake – Ross Hall Style

Okay, this goes back to one of my first posts discussing how I love to be one of those people who throws surprise parties instead of having one thrown for myself. Yesterday was my friend Whitney’s birthday, so a few friends and I decided to throw a party/bake a cake for her birthday! I also documented our experience via pictures, and will break down the easiest way to make a good cake while lacking the “proper” resources to do so in pictures.

  • Ingredients Necessary – 2 Betty Crocker “Shake ‘n Pour” Confetti Cupcake Mix bottles. Just because it says “cupcake” doesn’t mean it won’t make for a good cake…because it did! Icing and sprinkles are a nice touch, too, but any kind will do.
Cake Mix

Step 1 - Assemble Ingredients

Step 2 - Add water to "Shake 'n Pour" ....and shake.

Step 3 - Pour batter into pan. (& then enjoy the leftover cake batter of course)

Step 4 - Bake! We baked ours in my resident hall's kitchen for about 35 minutes.

Step 5 - Pull cake from oven and let cool.

Step 6 - Add icing & smooth it after it cools for about an hour.

Step 7 - Enjoy! Happy Birthday, Whitney!

The cake came out really good, and even though it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing sight to see, it tasted delicious! And all we had to purchase was the icing, the shake and pour mix, and the pan, which we got all of it for about $10 from Marsh. I was please, and Whitney was as well.

Thanks for reading!

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