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How I’m Hip AND Academic

I’m sorry if it’s rather haughty of me, but I can’t contain my ebullience any longer! Containing such excitement has left my heart distended; I have garnered a typewriter!

Remington Quiet-Riter

It’s a huge boost for my pedagogy, and none can dispute that. Recently I’d noticed a lack of inky fingers, a clanking metallic cacophony, and musty “old” smell in my quarters. Redressing the situation was simple.

Ways in which this will meliorate my studies:

1) People will know I have a typewriter

2) When I type, everyone in the house will know I have a typewriter.

3) The box makes a nice stand for books.

I can’t even imagine how this would have a downside! (Caution: Leaves hands cramped, fingers sore, distracts from work with noise, and often requires troubleshooting).

The idea that such technology is outdated is rather specious.


For more info on the brilliant Richard Rodriguez, visit this site.

Here’s the memoir of his that I read. Comes highly recommended!