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What To Expect After Voting

So I voted, took care of my civic and moral duty. I believe I was pretty informed about the whole situation. So now what? The results haven’t come in. Do I just sit here and wait? Here’s a list of some of the things to expect post-vote, pre-result.

1) Questions. “Have you voted?” “Have YOU voted?” “Why?” “Why NOT?!” One of those days where small talk is a given, as well as unerringly irritating.

2) Political rants on Twitter. Not that this is new from the past few months, but they’re realizing these are the last few moments they’ll be able to talk about a subject that, for 90% of the year, nobody acknowledges. Even now less people are responding to their jabs.

3) Independent voters watching the results on CNN. Coincidentally, they are finally being informed on the political landscape as well as the issues that they should have considered while voting.

4) Facebook statuses rejoicing at the end of election season. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are others of us equally relieved.

5) Those people who won’t tell you how they voted. Either because they honestly think it’s personal, but more likely because they’re waiting for the results to see if it’s okay to admit their decision. If it doesn’t go their way, who’s going to know but them?

6) Independent voters proclaiming their independent thought. Alright, we get it. Let’s all move on with our lives (while enjoying a classic SNL video).

7) Republicans following conservative media, Democrats following liberal media. Because what’s better than winning as the reporters rejoices with you, or losing with a news anchor that bemoans along with you how the election was stolen?

8 ) I miss all those political ads. Said no one ever.

9) Whatever happened to Ralph Nader? Somebody should really check up on that guy. Make sure he’s alright.

10) Comparing Romney and Obama. How are they reacting? Why is Obama crying? Why is Romney as emotionless as a robot?YouTube Preview Image

A Normal Day

I slugged my way out of bed after snoozing for an hour. Throwing some cereal into a bowl, I crunched through it as I waited for my coffee to get ready. It was ready. Pour. Sip. Burn. OW. Splashing some water on my face, I got dressed and got the usual items together and into my pockets (phone, wallet, keys). Then I stepped outside. A brisk November breeze blew past, and I threw up my hood.

Hopping onto my bike, I tried to ignore the seat that wouldn’t sit quite still, the handle bar grips that were falling off, the squeaking of the tires. So instead I plopped on my headphones and listened to my favorite podcast. I rode past students going to class, returning to their dorms. It felt colder the faster I went. Forgot to wear gloves.

I arrived at Hinkle Fieldhouse warming up my hands as I showed my ID, and filled in the few bubbles asked of me as a citizen of the United States of America. A slight hiccup arose when the machine that would take my vote didn’t respond to the slip of paper. They replaced it, paper dropped, and I breathed a sigh of relief. As I sat back on my bike, I thought about class I had to go to next. Just another normal day.