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People Tall and Short

It was late last week when Butler played IU for one of the greatest upsets of my time here at Butler for our basketball program. I haven’t been this excited for basketball since our Final Four runs two and three years ago. Few except the most stalwart and stubborn fans really expected the win. The best part of the game? Honestly hard to pick. Was it when Stigall kept going for threes? Or when three of our players fouled out in overtime? Or when Barlow took his sweet time getting the game-changing two points?

No, obviously the best part was every moment that I avoided a heart attack. I’ll say that I personally am surprised to have survived the whole ordeal. How did I manage it? I’ll just go ahead and give you the secret. It wasn’t through fortitude or patience or belief in the Butler program. I was looking forward to a viewing of “The Hobbit” after the game, and knew that I couldn’t waste time dying when so much more fun was to be had.

I saw the movie, which I review here, and then went to eat at Pei Wei, a first time experience for me. It was very interesting. Think Panda Express meets A Mongolian grill, all in the setting of a PF Chang’s. YouTube Preview Image