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Dream On

I was sitting in my old Italian class in the United States with my Professoressa Lucchi-Riester and all of my old class. I was charged to be back in the states, because I would be able to show off my new found skills. Unfortunately, the rest of the class preferred speaking in English. Infuriated, I turned to my professor: “Ma perche parliamo in inglese? So esaurito con questa lingua, preferirei di parlare italiano!”

Fade to black-END SCENE

It was an Easter miracle! I don’t even remember the last time I had thought about the possibility of dreaming in Italian, but it finally happened. This is significant in two manners, because I hardly ever remember my dreams. Maybe once every month, if I’m lucky. But this one came through the fog and it wasn’t until an hour after I woke up that it struck me. I dropped my toothbrush and ran through the house, rejoicing at the news.

I take little credit for it. The only thing that facilitated this was being surrounded by Italian for Easter and Easter Monday (which is a phenomenon over here that involves an extra day or two off from classes. I’m officially a fan). Maybe, just MAYBE the language is finally penetrating my subconscious and working its way from a conscious thought to a subconscious reaction, like a mother tongue.

My only fear at this point is whether to see this dream as a prophecy or not. How frustrating will it be to return to an English speaking country? Will I be continuously exasperated? For the most parts, I see dreams as generated from the subconscious, not from some outside influence. Maybe it’s just an irrational fear!…Right?

My Class

That’s right, it turns out we rock. I write to you today about my class for two reasons. Primarily, because they couldn’t be more boss. The second and sadder reason is that already some have had to depart. Joao from Brazil and Sylvia from South Korea (the Italian-name alternative to her real name) have returned to their home countries.

I miss them already!!!

The night before they left, we threw them a party, and celebrated the bond that has been formed between all of us. We’ve had good times in class, learned another language that facilitated our relationships, and the sadness of having to depart from each other so early.

My classroom is a microcosm of the world, and it’s incredible every day seeing that, true to the Italian saying, “Tutto il mondo e’ una paese.” This means: “All of the world is a village.” And what THIS means is that no matter where you come from, countries will have the same problems, the same conflicts, and in the end the same kind of people who want to see the best in others and enjoy the life and experiences given to them.