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A Weekend of Frisbee

While most people look to the weekend for their parties, I find myself looking to the weekends for a chance to toss a disc around. That or studying. Although I’ll admit I didn’t study quite as much as I should have.

It started on Thursday. As President of the Club Frisbee Team, I wanted to find a chance to pit our squad against another school without having to travel miles for an entire weekend extravaganza against teams three times our size with way more work invested into their skills. I found the Wabash team, of similar size and skill, who agreed to come out and play us for a scrimmage match. After a hard fought battle in which each of us proved how well we can do (as well as how many mistakes we are capable of), we came out on top, 15-13.

Sometimes I ask myself "Why is that frisbee getting bigger?"

It was one of my proudest moments as a leader on this campus. Not just organizing, but also seeing all of our players get out there and do their best with everything we’ve taught and practiced.*sniff* They grow up so fast!

The next event was the Frisbee Fling, a philanthropy event but on by Alpha Chi Omega. More relaxed of an atmosphere, the fraternities and sororities got together to play some relaxed games in support of the Julian Center.

And then it hits me.

What It Is

If you’re reading this post, you are probably one of two things: interested in Butler, or a person with a loooooot of time on their hands, having  grown bored with StumbleUpon and in need of new ways to fill the free time.

In either case, I believe I have the cure to your curiosity or your careful avoidance of meaningful life direction. The life of a Butler student can’t be accurately explained, summarized, or nut shelled. It is best when shown or experienced. Since I am the one experiencing it, it is therefore my responsibility to show you. That’s right. YOU.

SGA: where leaders and engaged students collide.

My day started with class, where I studied Shakespeare’s comedies. After lunch I had another class where I learned about the various components of a computer, from hard drives to pixels per square inch. I had a meeting after that, followed by my Memoir writing class, from which I sprinted to this semester’s Student Government Association’s (SGA) kick off meeting. The urge to nap was only subdued by my need to eat. By the time I was finished, it was off to my Ultimate Frisbee Club practice (despite the clouds and drizzly weather).

To be continued…Here.