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Relationships: Cooties and Whatnot

For the next few months, the majority of my posts will be directed at graduating high school seniors, given the nature of this job, the timing, and the relationship I should have with my readership. Relationships. That sounds like a good place to start, no matter how poor of a transition it took to get there.

There goes ma' lady.

Also speaking of timing, it is a key factor for relationships among high school and college age students. Realize it’s completely out of one’s control. All of us are in a phase of our lives that will involve much changing, maturing, and moving. We aren’t going to be a in a stable environment for at least four years (unless you feel like living in a dorm for the rest of your life and living off of an Easy Mac diet), making any relationship difficult to maintain.

For those heading off to different colleges than their girlfriend or boyfriend, be prepared for a few difficult months. I would never say that it’s impossible, only that the rarest exceptions survive it. If it should go sour (and this will doubtless be hard, emotionally speaking) at least there will be a community of professors, friends, and fun to get your mind off of it.

Do not think of this as a reprimand, or advice even. Only a cautionary tale. The idea being that you won’t trot into what you had imagined to be a cake walk but learn to find is a boiled-spinach-and-beats walk.

(Note: I may speak wise words but that doesn’t mean I  live by them. I’m as subject to emotions as anyone and currently am dating a wonderful girl who both lives in a different state and will be residing in another continent for the summer. But hey, what can ya do?!)