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It’s An Adventure

Adventure Time. I’ve heard all about it. I just don’t understand it. I see it in passing and imagine it to be some kids show. It’s on Cartoon Network! Then I hear college-age students tell me, “Of course I watch it.” As if to miss it would be a travesty.

Finally I sat myself down and watched it. It’s still weird…but…I find it to be entertaining nonetheless. It’s difficult to explain what the show is, or how it manages to entertain. The main characters live in a fantastical land with magic, monsters, and non-sequitors that leave you splitting your sides while asking “what is happening?” Like any buddy cop movie has taught us, the relationship between two main characters can really make a show. Jake and Finn take care of that in this show.

YouTube Preview Image

My final thoughts: I kind of recommend this series highly.

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I can always go to the cliche: “You don’t know what you got till its gone.” But that exemplifies exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t imagine what my time at Butler would have been like if I hadn’t taken the time to remove myself from the routine earlier. This distance gives me a clear view of how I’ve spent my time well, how I’ve misused it, and how exactly I can use it better in the future.

Another thing: international travel builds character. When you step onto that plane for another country on your own, you are forced to open yourself in new ways. There is no place for insecurity. No longer can you sit in the backseat while other people handle issues. It’s do, or do later. So you might as well do it.

I feel like we’ve reached the point in the monologue to introduce the butterfly/cocoon metaphor, but I think that is absolutely too cliche. Instead I’ll opt for the much more savory bacon metaphor. After this semester, I know that I will no longer be that limp slab of uncooked meat, but a crispy, delicious, smoked delicacy that has much of the world saving room for on their plates full of pancakes and eggs.

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Bacon may be on my mind also because I took part in the great American tradition of Brinner yesterday. Yummm.

Spring Approaches

This year, everything I write has been put through Google translator twice, one in Italian, again and again in English. I hope that this post contains a modicum* of sense. Why? Because I can. 

Two months is approaching! This marks the halfway point of the semester. I am happier than I could imagine, first of all because my Italian is reaching unknown heights of skill (I can stumble into a conversation of moderate intensity), and also because I am constantly awed and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this experience.

Pictureseque, this is. -Yoda

I took a ride* today, and stopped halfway because of what I saw. The Italian hillside paved* me. And ‘finally becomes hot again (after weeks of cold and snow) and the campaign*, everything seems to be swelling and reopening the sun*. Hmm, I wonder if I could draw a correlation between the earth and the sun in my experience with Italy, but I think I’m running out spongiform*-
*Translator uses better vocab than me
*country side
*flowering beneath the sun
*Patience (this wins the best translation of the day. Congratulations)