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Myself and the Young-un’s

Since working with a group of middle schoolers I’ve thought more and more about the concept of education and the role of the teacher. A few times I lectured to the kids on screenwriting and poetry. A few times I did group activities where we worked together to create a character, story, or plot.

Reflecting on my education, I realize that a lot of it was centered around these two methods. In retrospect there were some great lectures and some poor. But the idea of lecturing just doesn’t seem satisfying. I recall my time in middle school where I would listen and soak everything in, while on other days my mind would drift off. On these days, the teach seemed more of a recording that could be listened to or not, depending on my mood.

With the kids, I ran through a bit of script with them and they all claimed to understand it, but afterwards were generally unresponsive. Then when they split into groups the classroom came alive and were more productive than ever. Perhaps I helped them understand it better, or perhaps I bored them out of their minds.

With all of these in mind, I looked further and found this video. So now I’m to seek a better understand of how people learn, and importantly how they learn effectively.

Looking Ahead

I’m the kind of person who exists where I am. What that means is when I come to a new place I put the majority of my attention into dwelling there. I’ll frequent facebook every now and again to keep in touch with family and friend, or skype here and there. But ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I keep in touch less than the desired amount.

This normally isn’t a huge problem, but it certainly hampers my ability focus on Butler activities (such as registering for classes, looking for a summer internship), as well as life beyond school. I consider this semester something of a “pause” semester. I’m taking a break from the English classes, the Butler routine, and getting out into the world to experience…whatever there is to experience. Life, I suppose.

Yet certain deadlines pull me back into this world, and I know already that I’m approaching everything a bit differently with this new point of view impressed upon me. For instance, when I contemplate what I want to do with my life beyond Butler, my interests have expanded beyond the original:

-go to grad school

Cool. Irrelevant, maybe, but cool, definitely.

-write a best-selling novel

-become the American/Male J.K. Rowling

A commonly held belief in the creative writing community is that one does not go directly from a Bachelor’s degree into a Master’s program. A writer needs one very important thing: experience. Something to draw from for their stories. For instance, this past semester I read the works of a grad student who had served our country in the Middle East. Anyone can write about these wars, but there is a certain amount of credibility given to someone who has experienced said event.

On this point, I’ve broadened views for viable options post-graduation, and I’ve landed on the idea of teaching English abroad as a second language. Why English? Why abroad? English, as I’ve learned during my time in Europe, is incredibly widely spoken. I’m sure there are a number of historical reasons for these, but suffice it to say that English has become the neutral language. A person from Greece and Korea would be able to communicate, solely because both grew up learning English.

Being a native born speaker immediately makes me a candidate to teach the language; we’re in pretty high demand in some countries.

So it seems that in one fell swoop I’ve solved a number of issues, including how to utilize an English Literature degree, what to do after graduation, and how to keep traveling the world.

Of course, carrying out all of this will be a whole different story. But for now I can be contented with an idea of the future, as hazy as it is exciting.

I'm living on the edge!...of realizations