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TDKR: Review


Giddy with the excitement of smuggling candy into the theater, I sat waiting for The Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie from Christopher Nolan, my favorite director. Wait…maybe this was the real cause of my excitement. Yeah! I get it now!

Two and a half hours later, I walked out of the movie. If you had asked me what I thought, I would have told you that the conclusion to the trilogy was good…but, just good. I was baffled. Still am. There isn’t a single part of the movie that I can point out as bad but it just didn’t blow me away like the last one did. And who can expect lightning to strike twice? Who can expect to win back-to-back lotteries? Who can expect Apple to continue on like before without Mr. Jobs? (NO ONE. That’s who.)

Thankfully, means of garnering entertainment from the batman franchise still exist. YouTube Preview Image

And if that video doesn’t do it for you, maybe this one will. YouTube Preview Image

Come to think of it, I was remembering these videos during the new movie. Maybe that has something to do with my lukewarm reception…YouTube Preview Image

The moral of the story: if you like Batman, you’re gonna enjoy TDKR. Or anything batman themed. Nerd on!