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Sushi Chef, At Your Service

It was a long awaited dream, but I battled against the odds and strove through the hardship and finally, after weeks of labor it became a reality. I. Made. Sushi.

Not saying that it all went well, or that the sushi tasted exactly as I would have liked it by the end. But hey, we’re not splitting grains of rice here. I had (most of) the necessary ingredients, and put those ingredients (in more or less the appropriate quantities) into the sushi. I coincidentally learned the difference between (the asked for) teaspoon and the (misread) tablespoon, and how big a difference this makes when concerning salt.

YouTube Preview Image

I didn’t do it all alone of course. I had help from the video above, which not only gave me a history lesson of how sushi and its fast food counterpart Nigiri came about, but also important tips on how to prepare the sushi. All in all it was a fantastic experience, and one that I hope to repeat and improve upon in the future. I may also invest in a sharper knife, because at some point it’s no longer cutting if the blade has to smash through the sushi roll.


Sushi: Indianapolis Style

Sushi Bar on UrbanspoonAfter expressing my love for sushi I couldn’t help but cry out with joy for the new Sushi Bar that recently opened up in the area.

Broad Ripple is constantly changing, welcoming the hip and new and exciting. This sushi bar went up in a building right on the main drag, between frozen yogurt, bagel sandwiches, and “burritos as big as your head.” The decor of the sushi bar is elegant in its oriental appeal. Bamboo panels the walls, swaying over dark cherry furniture. A golden swordfish hangs on the wall (that’s so boss, right?).

The food is fantastic in its range. Whether you want a few rolls of sushi (ranging from the more sophisticated styles at $11 to the simpler, more manageable $3-6 per roll) there are also plenty of dishes with noodles. From my limited experience, it seems authentic. At the very least it has avoided the run-of-the-mill chain sushi that Naked Chopsticks brings to the table.

I give this restaurant 1.8/2 chopsticks (equals 9/10).

If anyone has gone to this place and likes it, I hope you will go to this website and give them a positive review. I think this restaurant is a great enough addition to the Broad Ripple lineup that I would fight for it to stay. Check it out!

I’m a Foodie (i.e. I Enjoy Food)

We arrived to Los Angeles and immediately I found myself swimming in a sweet river of foreign foods made familiar through constant and unbridled exposure.

Sushi is around every block. I ate it at every given opportunity. California rolls were the favorites (how could they not be?!). But I also tried some spicy tuna. The best moment was when I tasted handmade sushi, lovingly prepared by my aunt, a Japan native. Bliss. Pure bliss. From there I went on to drink Boba tea, a style of milk tea in which balls of tapioca are placed at the bottom. It becomes a game of trying to get the balance between sweet, creamy tea and sticky bursts of tapioca that fit perfectly in the wide straw.

Picnic at the Hollywood Bowl!

In Santa Monica I sampled Omusubi, essentially a ball of rice filled with assortments of meats and sauces wrapped in seaweed. Glorious. Because they did not quite fill up the appetites of a bunch of young males tired from a day of swimming in the icy Pacific, we then visited “Holy Guacamole,” a store that hits you first with a ludicrous mural depicting Michelangelo’s God reaching to man but with a Guacamole taco in hand, and then with the taco that makes the mural seem a little less out of whack.

And how could a trip out to the west coast be complete without a mention of the ever glorious In-N-Out Burger? A Double Double Animal Style with fries is all you really need to be happy. How do I describe the fries? Like they were fried. How do I respond to the claim that Five Guys is better than In-N-Out? With Laughter.