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100 Years

It’s almost impossible to fathom that amount of time. Yet in history classes it is tossed around like a few drops in the pond. In the sciences, it is the leg of one microbe in the drop in the ocean. Despite these comparisons, when something lasts for a hundred years there’s bound to be something special about it.

This weekend I went home to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Our Sunday Visitor, a Catholic publishing company that employees my dad (for which I am very grateful). There were a number of talks from acclaimed apologists, theologians, and activists in the Church. My personal favorite came from Archbishop Celli, who had traveled all the way from Rimini, Italy to speak. Anyone who follows me should know how close that comes to my heart.

While 1912 was an important year for the Catholic publishing industry, I later learned that it was significant for on other reason. This year gave the world its first taste of Life-Savers! What a strange world we live in.