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The Pain of Summer

We are conditioned from youth to worship the summer seasons. But there’s no denying that this blessedly school-free time comes at a cost. Bugs, muggy 99.9% humidity, and the occasional dive into upper the 90’s makes these months nearly insufferable. What is the normal response to all of this? Either we hole up in our air conditioned houses, essentially an environment-controlled box to separate us from that darned nature, or we get out in search of a way to beat the heat.

Swimming in pools or beaches, laying out by fountains, anything we can think of to drop that infernal temperature. Unfortunately, that sun is still out to get us, whatever we do. Sunburn. There’s no better way to explain the pain than the metaphor with fire ants crawling across my skin and a quick photo:

Left: burned chest. Right: contrast of arm.

It hurts, and so I turn to my truest friend in such a time of need. Aloe Vera does what it can, but sometimes it feels like it won’t be enough. Ever. Maybe this is it, I’ve entered into eternal suffering that will only be assuaged by avoiding the outdoors.

Sitting around my A/C box, pacing back and forth, avoiding mirrors and steamy showers, I look at the window. Through the window. Out the window. It’s out there, it’s pleasant, and it’s nature. How can I pass it up? It’s only in this state once a year, and it would be foolish to ignore it while I don’t have classes, right? I get my towel and book.