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Studying on Studying on Studying

Standardized Tests? More like…Stupidized. Yeah. No coming back from that, is there.

Talking to seniors anywhere, and they’ll probably express anger at having to put up with standardized tests. For high school seniors it’s the SAT or ACT. For college seniors, it can be the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or more. For senior seniors, it’s usually eye exams. I mean COME ON!YouTube Preview Image

And what are these tests anyway? Are they indicators of IQ? Are they objective measures of how much a person has learned during their studies? I’ll loudly and proudly proclaim, “No sir!” For the most part, they are simply measures of how well a person can take a bit of contrived material, commit it to memory, and then regurgitate it on test day. It’s also a good opportunity to spend money on textbooks that would otherwise be worthless.

But we must do them anyway. The achievement of a certain score may be the only thing standing between a person and their dream of two, three, or four more years of school.