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One Week Till School

Top 10 ways to spend your last days of freedom:

10) Shopping: Finagle your parents into shopping with you, subtly dropping hints about how you’ll be all on your own for a couple months.

9) Enjoy the Weather: With a recent bout of rainstorms, I find I best appreciate the lightning while sitting under a tree or next to a light pole. But do whatever works for you. (Appreciate at your own risk).

8) Hometown Friends: Hang out with those people who you no longer have to prove anything to. So what if you do weird voices, awkward dances, or make the same jokes that have annoyed them for years. As soon as you get to campus, those jokes will be pristine.

7) Laze about: [Author felt too lazy to elaborate]

6) Read: Dig into that stack of books that have been recommended for months now. That way, when you enter classes with half of the Hunger Games read, you’ll be so conflicted over whether you should do work or read that neither will get done. The Campaign comes highly recommended.

Top 5 Continued Here

One Week Till School Pt. 2

5) Movies: Be that hip, gnat of a personality that always asks people if they’ve seen the latest blockbusters–be sure to finish off with the flippant “Oh, it’s pretty good. You should check it out.”

4) Shark Week: Miss the olympics? Here’s another way to blow your time in front of a tv!

3) For those in relationships: Appreciate the time you have together!

2) For those single ladies (and gents): revel in your freedom! (Because this is a feel-good blog post, and I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re missing out.)

1)Run a 5k whilst undergoing intestinal distress: Ok, this may come more from personal experience. And this really shouldn’t be advised. Maybe I have the numbers backwards…

Oh wait, here’s the real number one.

#1) Political Debates: ‘Tis the season to get into arguments with friends, family, and strangers trying to escape your biting debate points over the various candidates views of the economic situation, Healthcare reform, and tax policy. Just remember, to end any such argument in a friendly manner, reaffirm that the whole system is broke, and that things were better back in the day. You, before all those immigrants came across the pond (1492 I believe), when it was just the lands, the tribes, and a noticeable absence of Super PACs.

I Hate Mondays…

To make your Monday a bit better, I have a joke for you:

It’s said that in heaven the lovers will be French, the cooks will be Italian, the mechanics will be Germans, the police will be the British, and all of this will be organized by the Swiss.

The normal reaction to my jokes: "Really?"

It’s also said that in hell the lovers will be Germans, the cooks will be English, the mechanics will be French, the police will be Swiss, and all of this will be organized by the Italians.

I’m a fan, but there’s more to the joke than just a few prods at various European countries. As I’ve mentioned before, I very much enjoy experiencing people from various countries, because in some ways they’ll surprise you, in other ways they’ll fit the stereotypes so perfectly it’s a…well, a joke, I suppose.

It’s just another reminder that inevitably you will carry with you preconceived notions about certain ethnicities or countries, but that when it comes down to the individuals you meet, you have to meet them as they are, not as you would expect them to be.

So, I’ll leave you with another joke, this one thought up by my friends:

After we graduate we want to come to Italy to work.

[…<–Click Here!!]

…BAHHH!!! The joke here being that Italians don’t really work. Or if they do, they hide it well from the public eye. The normal work day starts between 9 and 11, has a pause between 1 and 4, restart between 4 and 5, and ends at 8. As a consumer of Italian goods, these vacillating times can become quite a hassle.

The world is full of jokes. You just have to know where to look