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Of Interviews, Ice Storms, and Galoshes

My foot slurping into a puddle is not a satisfying sensation. In fact, it’s downright dreadful (it should be known that wet socks are as annoying as loud chewers or people who take phone calls in the library). As I walked through downtown Chicago the day after a snowstorm, the purpose of galoshes became very clear.

I was in Chicago last Friday for my interview with the JET program. It was a one-day affair fueled by granola bars and made possible through the wonderful vehicles of Megabus.

Getting onto the Megabus was spectacular. A double-decker bus always means business. Not to mention the Wi-Fi (incredibly slow, but still). There were even outlets for individual seats. I felt like I was riding first class, bus style.

The interview went very well, but I mainly say that because I have to wait two months to hear the results, and I don’t have the emotional energy to worry about it for that amount of time. So for the next two months, you won’t hear a word about it from me. You’ll know when I get the news, because I’ll either be rejoicing in the streets or moping for a solid week.

January Showers Bring February Icicles

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. It’s the middle of January, and it’s pouring down rain like it’s monsoon season. All of my traditional winter clothes are proving ineffective. Thick wool doesn’t repel rain, it only soaks it up and becomes heavy and chilled!

Two days ago, I kid you not, I heard thunder. That’s right. We had a mid-winter thunderstorm. The Nile River was forming outside of my house from the torrential downpour. Today is blessedly dry, but other problems have developed. For example, a high of 28 degrees Fahrenheit is forecasted. It is currently…well you take a look.

My roommate’s car was frozen shut this morning!!! What is going on with our weather? Just like January last year, this year we are struck with bouts of incredibly warm weather. I’m never sure when I wake up these days whether to put on shorts, pants, a rain slicker, or scarf and hat. But hey, as the saying goes, if you don’t like Indiana’s weather, wait five minutes.

The First Flurries

That’s right, with the first flurries of the season last night, it seems time to bid farewell to fall. Forget the free-floating leaves and the frolicking breezes. Winter is fast upon us, and its fairly impossible to ignore the sub freezing temperatures this morning.

To commemorate the passing of this great season, I thought I would show you a video that I put together with a group in my Intro to Digital Media Productions class. We handled  expensive equipment that we hardly knew how to operate to put this together, so I hope you appreciate it (learn by doing is what I say).

The next thing on my to-do list is get winter hats, gloves, socks (I can’t believe I left my wool socks at home! O the agony!) Perhaps I could make a trip to the Butler Bookstore. With my limited storage space in my room, one can only bring so much from home, and I put off  bringing back most of my cold weather gear. Let’s hope I can make it through the weeks before Thanksgiving on sweatshirts…