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A Consumer Wonderland

After a while I got into a routine of shopping with my buddy. First we’d go to Aldi, a place that strives for cheapness at the expense of music in the aisles, bags at checkout, and motivated personnel. Then we’d head to Trader Joe’s for some great but pricey food.

We found ourselves at a crossroad when a mutual friend was accepted into the Super Special Sam’s Club (I’m not clear at the ceremony that took place, but I imagine an animal sacrifice and robes). In the interest of cashing in on these deals we went with him this morning for a chance to experience a hallmark of American society. What we found was beyond our wildest imagination.

Rows of flat screen TV’s sat side-by-side with huge tubs of ground coffee, one of the purest expressions of unconditional friendship I have ever witnessed. I could have bought spices by the five gallon bucket, enough frozen fish to populate the Pacific, and…and…Well, at about that point we realized we needed to get out of there while we still had money. So we called it quits (except wait, oh I do in fact need 14 pens) and headed out. Oh the joys of being a college student and bargain hunting!

This video represents another way that American consumer is aptly expressed: YouTube Preview Image

A Nation Choking On Its Own Wallet

Monnnnnney Money Money. It’s the catcall of the season. How much are people spending? they ask. Will it boost the economy? they ask. We best be shelling out enough, or else the economy will feel it, and then so will we. Tonight, on Christmas Eve, the mania will extend till the 11th hour. It is endless. All consuming. An estimated $460 billion spent this season.

A Shrine to Caring (And Capitalism)

Yet every year, the nation acts surprised and horrified by the antics of our shoppers. The stories are consistently malicious. How far are people willing to go to procure that last Furbie? (This is not a recent trend.)

The coverage of these events is justified in its outrage, yet willing to make an about-face in worrying over the state of our economy. This dichotomy in coverage reveals a fundamental conflict in the minds of Americans: spend, or else we’ll be hurt; don’t hurt people while you spend, that’s barbaric. It is frightening to acknowledge that the same system that protects us threatens our humanness. Does an Xbox really matter more than the man  trampled, or the people pepper-sprayed?

Coming Full Circle

Butler borrows the best of both worlds. When I was looking at various universities my senior year of high school, I was intrigued by Butler’s innate ability to exist within a large city (only 15 minutes from Indianapolis’ downtown) yet remain its own entity. The campus does not exist on city street corners.

Try and tell me that's a city campus. Honest, try me

Simultaneously remote and integrated. Last Saturday my friends took advantage of this and visited the Circle Centre Mall, stepping out of the “Butler Bubble,” as it is termed in the area, and entering into the world of fashionable, dimly lit, cologne suffused, and techno pumping stores.

The night ended as a rousing time, full of jokes and memories (ie why did we even walk into that store? I couldn’t breathe). But it won’t end there. Being in Indy opens us to countless options, quite importantly the Lucas Oil Stadium. Super Bowl here we come!