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Cough. Cough.

I certainly didn’t see it coming. Who does? I’m walking around with the zest of life sending a hop through my step, and then next thing I know I’m in bed for days at a time, going through Kleenex like its my job and downing bottles of NyQuil.

Never imagined my life depending so much on these little white squares.

A bug is tearing its way through campus, but thank goodness there are measures to protect against it. The Health Clinic in the HRC is a great stop for students with illnesses, a place that many people use throughout the flu season.

They also take up preventative measures on campus, offering flu shots earlier in the semester, a service that I definitely plan on taking up in the future. Who wants to be this behind in class anyway?

Warm Weather, Where Art Thou?

If you don’t believe what will tell you, just step outside your door for two seconds, and you’ll experience the fantastically beautiful weather that is very un-October (which is fine by me, since I still want summer). If you’re on Butler’s campus, there are many options for people looking to relish these final days of warmth.

Benches: where work comes to be distracted.

  • Go on a run! (You’re great HRC, but sometimes outside is just nicer)
  • Throw a disc
  • Do homework outside on a bench
  • Lay outside, work optional
  • Visit Holcomb Gardens (The painful reminders that it’s autumn are there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful)
  • Keep your window open
  • Wear shorts
  • Wear t-shirts (Both advisable anyways)
  • Sit in class hoping against hope that your teacher will take you outside (which sometimes WILL happen. Thanks Dr. Spyra!)