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3 Reasons to Choose Butler

I was asked to be on a panel today to answer questions for students and parents considering attending Butler. It brought me back to the time when I was looking at universities, and I thought I would take a moment to outline some of the factors that lead me to Butler.

1) Location: The campus is a twenty minute drive from Indianapolis, meaning it is close to a big city and all of the benefits that come with it. There is always something going on around the city. At the same time, campus is a bit removed from downtown, meaning you won’t get lost in the crowds and bustling streets of an urban campus. This porridge was neither too hot nor too cold.

2) Size: At approximately 4,000 undergrad students, I knew that I would be getting into something bigger than my high school, but not so big that I could fall through the cracks. The class size is where this really pays off: most of my classes have between ten and twenty students. The professors are very open to meeting with students outside of class, and understanding and generous enough to help with almost any problem.

3) Students: In the middle of my decision-making, I met with some students from the English Department. They were indicative of the enthusiastic and involved students that flourish on this came. They made me excited to be one of those students who was  part of the Butler Way.

While these are just a small percentage of the reasons to come to Butler, they were a significant part of my decision.

Looking for more reasons? Here’s a video put together by the Office of Admissions:

YouTube Preview Image

One Week Till School

Top 10 ways to spend your last days of freedom:

10) Shopping: Finagle your parents into shopping with you, subtly dropping hints about how you’ll be all on your own for a couple months.

9) Enjoy the Weather: With a recent bout of rainstorms, I find I best appreciate the lightning while sitting under a tree or next to a light pole. But do whatever works for you. (Appreciate at your own risk).

8) Hometown Friends: Hang out with those people who you no longer have to prove anything to. So what if you do weird voices, awkward dances, or make the same jokes that have annoyed them for years. As soon as you get to campus, those jokes will be pristine.

7) Laze about: [Author felt too lazy to elaborate]

6) Read: Dig into that stack of books that have been recommended for months now. That way, when you enter classes with half of the Hunger Games read, you’ll be so conflicted over whether you should do work or read that neither will get done. The Campaign comes highly recommended.

Top 5 Continued Here

One Week Till School Pt. 2

5) Movies: Be that hip, gnat of a personality that always asks people if they’ve seen the latest blockbusters–be sure to finish off with the flippant “Oh, it’s pretty good. You should check it out.”

4) Shark Week: Miss the olympics? Here’s another way to blow your time in front of a tv!

3) For those in relationships: Appreciate the time you have together!

2) For those single ladies (and gents): revel in your freedom! (Because this is a feel-good blog post, and I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re missing out.)

1)Run a 5k whilst undergoing intestinal distress: Ok, this may come more from personal experience. And this really shouldn’t be advised. Maybe I have the numbers backwards…

Oh wait, here’s the real number one.

#1) Political Debates: ‘Tis the season to get into arguments with friends, family, and strangers trying to escape your biting debate points over the various candidates views of the economic situation, Healthcare reform, and tax policy. Just remember, to end any such argument in a friendly manner, reaffirm that the whole system is broke, and that things were better back in the day. You, before all those immigrants came across the pond (1492 I believe), when it was just the lands, the tribes, and a noticeable absence of Super PACs.

Relationships: Cooties and Whatnot

For the next few months, the majority of my posts will be directed at graduating high school seniors, given the nature of this job, the timing, and the relationship I should have with my readership. Relationships. That sounds like a good place to start, no matter how poor of a transition it took to get there.

There goes ma' lady.

Also speaking of timing, it is a key factor for relationships among high school and college age students. Realize it’s completely out of one’s control. All of us are in a phase of our lives that will involve much changing, maturing, and moving. We aren’t going to be a in a stable environment for at least four years (unless you feel like living in a dorm for the rest of your life and living off of an Easy Mac diet), making any relationship difficult to maintain.

For those heading off to different colleges than their girlfriend or boyfriend, be prepared for a few difficult months. I would never say that it’s impossible, only that the rarest exceptions survive it. If it should go sour (and this will doubtless be hard, emotionally speaking) at least there will be a community of professors, friends, and fun to get your mind off of it.

Do not think of this as a reprimand, or advice even. Only a cautionary tale. The idea being that you won’t trot into what you had imagined to be a cake walk but learn to find is a boiled-spinach-and-beats walk.

(Note: I may speak wise words but that doesn’t mean I  live by them. I’m as subject to emotions as anyone and currently am dating a wonderful girl who both lives in a different state and will be residing in another continent for the summer. But hey, what can ya do?!)

May 2012

After returning to Indiana from Italy, I readjust myself to a life that for 20 years had seemed normal but now appeared to me foreign and uncomfortable. I was soon to be one of the big men on campus, but it’s clear at this point that no one really cares for that. In fact, the seniors are those already fading themselves out of college life while the freshmen, sophomores and juniors are those who really generate activity on the campus.

My eyes are set on the world beyond college. Again I think of all the options that I’ll have after walking across the stage, the jobs I can pursue and the life-defining decisions I will be making. Yet one cannot deny the horror of stepping beyond. I can imagine a million things to do, and against my will I see myself falling into the English Major trap and getting a cushy job at Barnes and Noble (not that I would necessarily be unhappy but…COME ON!).

Current Issue: so many things to do! And only a summer to do them in. I find myself locked into a number of jobs and internships that should tide me over for the sweating months—turns out that it’s much easier to get a job once you break into that first one. If only someone had told 2009 Me…

May 2009

I was fresh out of high school. I was the big man on campus, leaving to be the little man on the next campus. I had recently discovered my love of plaid shorts, and was entering into my obsession with Ultimate Frisbee that I would take to the collegiate level. I was putting down the flute—the instrument I had played for a good six years of concert and marching band—figuring that that sort of image might not be in my better interest to pursue (although of course i was mistaken).

With my eyes set on Butler’s campus, I was preparing myself. Stepping back, I looked at everything that I was and everything that I wanted to be, and made those adjustments. It was jitters mostly. The fantastic idea of a blank slate, leaving behind what you are and having the option to rebuild yourself. It was incredibly freeing, and slightly terrifying at the same time. But at the moment I was struggling to grasp onto this freedom, despite my parents still being a daily force in my life.

Current issues: looking for a summer job. I’d decided long ago that few things were more irritating than the job search. After spending my time in high school focusing on academics I had never gotten around to searching for a job. It was a little intimidating. I was basically asking a number of strangers to trust me enough to take me in based off of…well nothing to be honest. It would certainly be a fun time.

Also, who can forget that I still had braces?

Braces that would follow me into freshmen year. Hoorah...

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