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India meets Ice

Imagine the movie Miracle, but with more curry. The Sangam club met again yesterday for a movie night, the final meeting of the semester. We were given two options to watch, either Slumdog Millionaire or Breakaway, a movie that I had never heard of before. Since practically everyone had seen the former, we elected the latter.

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The trailer should give you an idea of what the movie was like, but to sum it up for people who don’t have a spare two minutes to spend watching a trailer: Indian family living in Toronto struggles with managing their cultural traditions and the Canadian culture. Rather unsurprisingly, the conflict comes to a boil over an ice rink.

The movie is hilarious, thanks mostly to the goalie who was my favorite character. There were laugh-out-loud moments, touching moments, sad moments, and above all, Bollywood dancing moments. The most confusing scene for me centered around an appearance made by Drake in a club. But who am I to judge.

An Indian Feast

Me and the Head Chef

Remember how I told you that I’d joined Sangam, the Indian Cultural Club on campus? Well, we finally did something. And can I just say, this culture ROCKS, as does its culinary tradition. Per my request, we agreed to meet up and take a stab at cooking Indian food. What I didn’t realize is that there would be a professional.

The entire clan came to my humble abode, as well as the mother of one of our members. With her came pots, pans, and enough food to feed 10 people (with enough leftovers for a week). She brought a curry (the secrets of which I still must unlock), the makings of a chick-pea soup, rice and cilantro, and yogurt–I didn’t get this last one, but it worked.

The big finish came when she busted out dough and the equipment necessary to make bread. Which we did! (See picture below). We had a number of botched attempts, but also some great ones. Overall it was a fantastic experience, and one that I hope can be repeated in the future. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible on my own, what with my spice rack being in the state that it is…nonexistent.


When it came time for block party, the annual congregation of the student body to sign up for clubs and extracurricular activities, I came to a huge realization. I don’t have anything I need to sign up for. I have my whole senior year planned out.

And that didn’t feel right to me. Granted, I’m happy that I find myself in a number of stable positions in clubs that I have devoted a year or more of my time to, but there seemed something stagnant about this statement.

So I found one thing that I know nothing about and went with it: Sangam! This is the “Indian club” on campus. Not limited to those of Indian descent, it is an opportunity to learn more about a culture that I know very little about (besides my brief encounters through “Slumdog Millionaire” and Panjabi MC) and to connect with some of my good friends both of Indian descent and who are involved in the club. Not to mention we can jam out to some awesome songs like “Jai Ho.”

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