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One year more. It's going fast. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity? You betcha.

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My Homecoming

“What did I do for Homecoming?” you are probably asking. I imagine at this point people follow my blog as they would a tabloid newspaper or the latest story of the lives of The Jersey Shore. I attribute the lack of fan mail to the fact that I have so well hidden the secret of my residence.

Anyway, back to the question that the people are clamoring for: I was NOT on campus for homecoming. It’s unfortunate (or at least I can know how horrendous it is judging by the reactions I received from my friends when I told them). Priorities came up, and it turned out I’d rather be with my family. My parents picked me up early (not quite as early as the festivities that were started Saturday morning, but early enough) and we drove to Dayton University where my sister is a freshman.

It was their family weekend, and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I thought it’d be worth it. The next opportunity wouldn’t come until Thanksgiving break. We had beautiful weather perfect for Frisbee throwing and strolls about campus. Note: I didn’t bother trying to convince my family coming out for Butler’s family weekend. We’ve been around the block on my campus. They’ve seen it all. Such is the life of a senior.

May 2012

After returning to Indiana from Italy, I readjust myself to a life that for 20 years had seemed normal but now appeared to me foreign and uncomfortable. I was soon to be one of the big men on campus, but it’s clear at this point that no one really cares for that. In fact, the seniors are those already fading themselves out of college life while the freshmen, sophomores and juniors are those who really generate activity on the campus.

My eyes are set on the world beyond college. Again I think of all the options that I’ll have after walking across the stage, the jobs I can pursue and the life-defining decisions I will be making. Yet one cannot deny the horror of stepping beyond. I can imagine a million things to do, and against my will I see myself falling into the English Major trap and getting a cushy job at Barnes and Noble (not that I would necessarily be unhappy but…COME ON!).

Current Issue: so many things to do! And only a summer to do them in. I find myself locked into a number of jobs and internships that should tide me over for the sweating months—turns out that it’s much easier to get a job once you break into that first one. If only someone had told 2009 Me…