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Piazza Spagna: Reflections Atop History Pt. 2

Last Time

The night was incredibly poetic. Beauty struck me in the infinite as well as the fleeting. The steps, the fountain, the street, those had been around for years and will go on much longer unchanged for the most part. The stories behind them give a life to them that is both subtle and formidable.

Yet the people rushing around brought vivacity to the square. It would not have been half as stunning if the night were dark and silent. It would be like a fountain without water, like a street without lamps.

The people and the city, the city and the people. They can’t be separated, unless you only want the lesser half. The family hosting me was even better evidence of this. The city would have been a less vivacious place if I did not have arms open to me, willing to show me the wonders of this historical goldmine.

I’m excited to learn every aspect of this country that is  brimming with history, with life, the static and the erratic. Viva Italia!