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The Injury: Part 1

“Break a leg!” my friend’s mom told me as I shuffled the multi-colored index cards in my hands, trying to bring the edges completely even. I didn’t pay much attention to the innocuous comment. I paid little attention to anything other than this presentation, since it was one of the final goals of my year.

The Undergraduate Research Conference is held once a year at Butler University, and features the scholarly work of students from several other universities. At my own panel, I would be presenting with three other students from different universities who had also completed works of creative writing.

That Morning

I was presenting my honors thesis, a project in two parts. First, there was the piece of science fiction called Kala, focused on a girl who has been torn from her home by a group of terrorists and turned into a cyborg, all to battle the an oppressive government. The second part featured a research paper that synthesized cyborg theory with thought of Romantic writers in the 18th century and examined how these forces were at play in my fiction.

The presentation went off without a hitch, and I didn’t have anything else to worry about for that weekend. In fact, I only some ultimate Frisbee to look forward to that night…



Dear Readers,

If you exist, then you’ll know that I haven’t posted on my blog in quite some time. You may be distraught. If we follow this little fantasy of mine, maybe you’re demanding a refund, and then feeling bad at the realization that you’ve enjoyed all of my writing at no charge. So you’re considering throwing a little extra money my way.

If only.

The truth is I was swept away by an injury to my leg, after which I was busy finishing the work of my senior year. To be honest, I’ll use the leg injury as the crutch of my excuse (Buh-dum. Oh and expect many more of these jokes to come).

So, over the next few blog posts I’ll cover the last two weeks of school, the joys I have to look forward to this summer, and my preparations for my coming year in Japan.

Also, thank you for existing,


A Shift In Perspective

It’s easy to go through a day thinking nothing new, doing nothing new. This video breaks through the walls that routine constructs and offers a new perspective of the ordinary. Do yourself a favor and watch the first five minutes of this video. I guarantee that’s all it will take to convince you to watch the rest.


3 Reasons to Choose Butler

I was asked to be on a panel today to answer questions for students and parents considering attending Butler. It brought me back to the time when I was looking at universities, and I thought I would take a moment to outline some of the factors that lead me to Butler.

1) Location: The campus is a twenty minute drive from Indianapolis, meaning it is close to a big city and all of the benefits that come with it. There is always something going on around the city. At the same time, campus is a bit removed from downtown, meaning you won’t get lost in the crowds and bustling streets of an urban campus. This porridge was neither too hot nor too cold.

2) Size: At approximately 4,000 undergrad students, I knew that I would be getting into something bigger than my high school, but not so big that I could fall through the cracks. The class size is where this really pays off: most of my classes have between ten and twenty students. The professors are very open to meeting with students outside of class, and understanding and generous enough to help with almost any problem.

3) Students: In the middle of my decision-making, I met with some students from the English Department. They were indicative of the enthusiastic and involved students that flourish on this came. They made me excited to be one of those students who was  part of the Butler Way.

While these are just a small percentage of the reasons to come to Butler, they were a significant part of my decision.

Looking for more reasons? Here’s a video put together by the Office of Admissions:

YouTube Preview Image

Old Made New

This past week I visited my relatives in Los Angeles and was able to see it with a new perspective.

A bit of back story: my parents grew up in Los Angeles. The fact that we live in Indiana has been scoffed at, gaped at, and upbraided mercilessly for years. It’s even worse when we tell other people. In order to stay close to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins we visit Los Angeles every summer. It has gotten to the point where I love the city without even realizing what the city is. All I think about when I think “Los Angeles” is good times with family.

LA from a hill

A city is much easier to grasp when juxtaposed with other cities. I am able to compare it to such cities as Milan, Rome, Indianapolis, and New York from recent visits. These incredible opportunities afforded to me in the past have changed me in more ways than I realized.

Above all, I think it’s given me a greater appreciation for food. See why here.

You see some pretty interesting architecture out here. It's like a unicorn sneezed out a house...

Looking Ahead

I’m the kind of person who exists where I am. What that means is when I come to a new place I put the majority of my attention into dwelling there. I’ll frequent facebook every now and again to keep in touch with family and friend, or skype here and there. But ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I keep in touch less than the desired amount.

This normally isn’t a huge problem, but it certainly hampers my ability focus on Butler activities (such as registering for classes, looking for a summer internship), as well as life beyond school. I consider this semester something of a “pause” semester. I’m taking a break from the English classes, the Butler routine, and getting out into the world to experience…whatever there is to experience. Life, I suppose.

Yet certain deadlines pull me back into this world, and I know already that I’m approaching everything a bit differently with this new point of view impressed upon me. For instance, when I contemplate what I want to do with my life beyond Butler, my interests have expanded beyond the original:

-go to grad school

Cool. Irrelevant, maybe, but cool, definitely.

-write a best-selling novel

-become the American/Male J.K. Rowling

A commonly held belief in the creative writing community is that one does not go directly from a Bachelor’s degree into a Master’s program. A writer needs one very important thing: experience. Something to draw from for their stories. For instance, this past semester I read the works of a grad student who had served our country in the Middle East. Anyone can write about these wars, but there is a certain amount of credibility given to someone who has experienced said event.

On this point, I’ve broadened views for viable options post-graduation, and I’ve landed on the idea of teaching English abroad as a second language. Why English? Why abroad? English, as I’ve learned during my time in Europe, is incredibly widely spoken. I’m sure there are a number of historical reasons for these, but suffice it to say that English has become the neutral language. A person from Greece and Korea would be able to communicate, solely because both grew up learning English.

Being a native born speaker immediately makes me a candidate to teach the language; we’re in pretty high demand in some countries.

So it seems that in one fell swoop I’ve solved a number of issues, including how to utilize an English Literature degree, what to do after graduation, and how to keep traveling the world.

Of course, carrying out all of this will be a whole different story. But for now I can be contented with an idea of the future, as hazy as it is exciting.

I'm living on the edge!...of realizations