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Packing: A College Freshmen’s Guide

It’s basically impossible to know everything that you’re going to need for an entire year. There are so many different things to need that half of the situations you’ll be in won’t be on your mind when you’re packing. Well how do you plan for that? We’ll start here, with a list of the basic situations you’ll be in and some of those items that you may be in dire need of when you arrive.

Dorm room: Bedding, shower items and a carrying case, toothbrush, medicine (we all get sick and it’s never fun away from mom), lighting, fans, seating, small shelving units for organization, filing bin (for those important documents you don’t want lost in the mess on your desk), trash bin

Electronics: TV, alarm clock, phone, mini-fridge, computer, speakers, chargers, headphones, printer. NOTE: almost all are optional with the exception of the alarm clock. You need some way to get up for class.

Clothes: Fall clothes (shirts, shorts, light jackets), fancy-schmancy clothes, shoes, socks, swimsuit (we’ve got a pool here!), workout clothes

Classes: books for class, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, desk organizer, long attention spans (not sure we’ll be able to fit that last one in the suitcase…)

Leisure: books, movies, TV shows on DVD, sports equipment (depending on your

Holcomb Gardens is a great place to relax!

preference), towel for relaxing on the Mall, sunscreen.

Last of all, don’t forget your great attitude and openness to new people!

Italy: I leave in HOW many hours?!

Because I am blessed with the incredible ability to put off worrying about something pressing (in this case packing for my semester long excursion into Perugia, Italy), I started packing within 24 hours of my departure. What I didn’t realize is that while I need to pack, it is such an overwhelming task that I often invent a number of minor tasks that I somehow justify in my mind as being relevant, in order to put off the hard decisions (do I need an electric razor as well as a regular one in Italy?) These events are chronicled below.

My room, as it stands now.

1. Went the the gym, got my buff on

2. Showered

3. Got a haircut

4. Listened to my mother telling me I need to pack

5. Napped

6. Woke up to my mother telling me to pack

7. Watched tonight’s episode of Modern Family

8. Wrote a blog

9. Cut my fingernails

10. Learned that my mother has become so disheartened by my willy-nilly lollygagging that she has started packing without me

It seems I must now throw in the towel, so my next post will most likely come from abroad. Ciao for now! (One last question, should I bring floss? Yes, I should use it, no I probably won’t. But I could buy some there. But it’d be more expensive…GAHHH!)