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Foodcourt Makeover

After years of an Atherton Union that never quite met the expectations of the students using it, finally the plans to improve it have been put into place. And my what a change it has turned out to be.

With this aesthetic makeover, the workers seem happier, the students seem more open to the dining hall and the food seems to taste better. This is all part of a big push by President Danko to improve the eating situation on campus. It already seems to be working.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to eat here for very long. Only my status as an SOG has enabled me to eat here for Welcome Week. After this, I’ll go back to my own cooking off campus *sigh.* But at least I’ve been able to have some fun with it. The first time I walked in I walked up to the counter where they swipe student ID’s and I apologized for not making a reservation, and put down my name for a party of five. The workers seemed good-natured over my tom-foolery.

See more improvements here.

Warm Weather, Where Art Thou?

If you don’t believe what will tell you, just step outside your door for two seconds, and you’ll experience the fantastically beautiful weather that is very un-October (which is fine by me, since I still want summer). If you’re on Butler’s campus, there are many options for people looking to relish these final days of warmth.

Benches: where work comes to be distracted.

  • Go on a run! (You’re great HRC, but sometimes outside is just nicer)
  • Throw a disc
  • Do homework outside on a bench
  • Lay outside, work optional
  • Visit Holcomb Gardens (The painful reminders that it’s autumn are there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful)
  • Keep your window open
  • Wear shorts
  • Wear t-shirts (Both advisable anyways)
  • Sit in class hoping against hope that your teacher will take you outside (which sometimes WILL happen. Thanks Dr. Spyra!)