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Summer Olympics: GAME ON!

It’s that wonderful time again, in which all countries can come together and openly express aggression against each other through the medium of sports competition. Sure weird things go on at these games, but that shouldn’t distract from the intense competition that praises the abilities of humans when pushed to the extreme.

Here’s my plan. With access to a complete schedule of the games, I will select two or three of my favorite events and follow them religiously. I’m thinking Judo…No! Shooting. Well hold on, there’s always Handball. Luckily I still have time. Then, for all of the other events, I will blow huge portions of my time on them. I consider all of Saturday and most of Sunday shot for this coming weekend. And I don’t have a single problem with it.

Already the soccer games have begun, and I am currently immersed in a South Korea-Mexico match-up. My destruction of free time has already begun! YouTube Preview Image