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How I’m Hip AND Academic

I’m sorry if it’s rather haughty of me, but I can’t contain my ebullience any longer! Containing such excitement has left my heart distended; I have garnered a typewriter!

Remington Quiet-Riter

It’s a huge boost for my pedagogy, and none can dispute that. Recently I’d noticed a lack of inky fingers, a clanking metallic cacophony, and musty “old” smell in my quarters. Redressing the situation was simple.

Ways in which this will meliorate my studies:

1) People will know I have a typewriter

2) When I type, everyone in the house will know I have a typewriter.

3) The box makes a nice stand for books.

I can’t even imagine how this would have a downside! (Caution: Leaves hands cramped, fingers sore, distracts from work with noise, and often requires troubleshooting).

The idea that such technology is outdated is rather specious.