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Debate: Dog Fight Edition

The Town Hall style debate held tonight between President Barack Obama and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was filled with fireworks and quick punches that left me breathless and wanting more! It was an exciting show of aggression and forwardness that revealed the wills and intellects of the debaters, as well as their drive to come out on top (much to the dismay of the moderator).

I watched the debate critically, examining what questions were asked and how they were responded two. Obama and Romney both fell victim to relying on rhetoric to make their point without making definite claims or getting into the details of their supposed solution. Obama fell to this on weapon control, mentioning how he wants to change the direction of the “conversation,” but forgetting to explain how. Romney fell into this trope when he was asked how he would rectify the inequality for women in the workplace.

How I looked for most of the debate

Obama’s shining moment for me came in the beginning when he argued how he would fix the economy. He gave 5 points of attack: the tax code, reducing the deficit, cutting back on defense spending, energy development, and education. Romney relied heavily on his time in the private sector but did not give specifics. Romney hit a high point when asked how he would be different from President George W. Bush. He claimed he would focus on domestic energy, free trade, small business, and a balanced budget, ensuring voters that as president we would not be returned to the Bush era.

I’ll admit that it’s difficult as a student to find time to educate myself on the specifics of their plans, what’s proven to work, which side has the right idea. Both sides have networks of researchers that can create studies arguing any point under the sun. While I know that debates are not the ideal place to formulate political opinions (due to the theatrical nature of the event) it at least gives me a chance to see where the candidates hold their strengths, and where they falter or turn the question.


Presidential Elections: The Digital Age

For those about to enter the college sphere, they may also be nearing another new realm that is much talked about: voting. This year hosts the presidential election, as did my senior year four years ago. I will never forget it, given that I was born two months too late to vote. Finally, my time has come!!!

In our rapidly developing world, technological changes are stark against two presidential elections four years apart. The first, President Obama managed to drive a hugely successful fundraising campaign online. Now, he is entering into a newer form of technology. “Technology 2.0″ they are calling it (they being me. Try and pass it on. Maybe will pick it up).

Despite Facebook’s botched entrance into public ownership, it is able to simultaneously prove its undeniable and massive (if untapped) power through data mining. As the battle becomes more heated between the newcomer and the one defending his title (makes me reminisce about old-school wrestling) they will wring any advantage they can out of new tools. The focus shifts where the social sphere has made a shift towards in the last 4 years.

I only hope that these newer, more advanced ad campaigns do nothing to undercut the old-fashioned method of informing oneself on the state of the country, the records of the opponents, and the promises they are making to the country. Sure Obama can learn a lot about you, but does that mean he’s fit to lead? And the same goes for Romney. You won’t find me favoring one on this blog, but I’m hoping that if you’re reading this, it’s a question you willing to find the answer to: Who would be the best candidate to lead our nation?