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Nightime Adventures

It was all set up to be a boring Saturday night. And then we realized #yolo.

A friend and I were bored. So what did we do? Found some friends who were watching a movie. The Proposal. Although I missed Sandra Bullock as a philanthropic empowered woman from the South, she held her own as an uptight, empowered woman from NYC. Also I now understand why people consider Ryan Reynolds is dreamy, and why he was never meant to be a comic book hero.

Then we went for a drive, getting some cookie-dough at the Marsh open 24/7. Warning labels aside, we split the doughy package and ate it open (Note: This blog does not endorse the intentional disregard of science). I even got a chance to try out driving a stick-shift. I quickly caught on to how you stall out a manual car. Later I figured out how to get the car moving.

Finally we dropped in to Moe and Johnny’s for a bite to eat. All these adventures had us hungry!

Piazza Spagna: Reflections Atop History

I am blessed to know a family who lives in Rome, a family kind enough to take me into their home for a weekend, feed me incredible food, teach me the joys of cooking, and walk me through historical, religious, and contemporary center of the city while giving me extensive background on every church, monument, and museum we came across.

Not to mention every second was spent speaking Italian, a great weekend of practice.

The first night, I took a walk and ended up at the Spanish Steps. The night struck me with two contrasting images: the solid, imperturbable weight of the Steps, the fountain in the square, the cobble stone street all contrasted with the chatting tourists, couples enjoying the evening, and vendors pushing their flashy goods.

A Beautiuful, Pensive Night

See the incredible conclusion HERE

Studious Solidarity

It’s a fact, that when it comes to crunch time, studying alone is like eating a cake alone: it’s less a party, more a depressing affair. To avoid this, I often find a group of people to study with. Here are some tips on how we make it through the late nights:

1) Frequent bathroom breaks
2) Joke about how much work you have while browsing youtube videos unproductively
3) Take water breaks (leads to #1)
4) Brag about how much work you have left (oh you’re going till one? It’s looking like an all-nighter for me.)
5) Snack on some pretzels/energy food (leads to #3)
6) People-watch (the extremely studious are nocturnal. See a side of campus you’ve never imagined.)
7) Complain about how much work you have
8) Take a trip to Starbucks on campus
9) Stretch. Ya gotta stay limber.
10) Rejoice when you get to say “g’night” to your friends who still have piles of work threatening to fall and crush them.

A Great Group Study Space