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We Remember

I’ll be honest: on September 11th, 2001 I really had no idea what was going on. I’ve talked to people my age who lived in the New York City area. The event for them was as real as it could get. They knew family members, friends, and relatives who may have been in the buildings or the surrounding area.

For a ten year old in Indiana, all I had were the news reports and the gasps of my parents and teachers to try and grapple with an event that was far outside of my scope of knowledge. I was more used to reading about such events in fiction books than hearing about them in real life.

What can be certain now is that the event is so understood by me now that I hardly notice it. This 11th anniversary of the day marks the first year in which I have lived more of my life after than before. It has shaped the last decade, and will continue to be an influence far into the future. All we can do is keep it from effecting us negatively and keep the victims and those hurt by the attack in our thoughts and prayers.

Here are some commercials that have memorialized 9/11. The second one sticks out vividly in my memory. YouTube Preview Image