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Movie Night What Whaaaaat

Tonight I’m taking part in a tradition that goes back through the ages, a tradition that has been around since man was still nomadic, learning how to walk, how to speak, and above all, searching for free things. Gaining anything without charge is what drove humans to possess private property, to contrive of Manifest Destiny, and to develop the “Buy-one-get-one free” concept.

As opposed to taking ownership of someone’s land, I will simply be watching a free movie put on by Butler University (and please don’t point out that I’m paying for this movie through tuition fees. You’ll ruin the moment). “Wreck-it Ralph” is the movie. Here are the things that I know about it:

-It’s about video games (good).
-There’s a guy named Ralph.
-He wrecks things?

YouTube Preview Image

That’s all I’ve got. I’m interested to see where it goes from here. Even as I write this article I realize that little is drawing me to the movie other than its lack of cost. So we’ll see if it is worth it. I don’t want to be that guy who says “Time is money,” but I will argue that rather than sitting in a classroom watching a movie, I could be in my house watching TV. Which would probably be more comfortable. So come on, “Wreck-It Ralph,” let’s hope you are worth the effort.

Movie Review: Lincoln

When the movie opens, the camera focuses on the back of a head. The voice coming from this unclad head was high, neither intimidating nor filled with the power that myth that has been bestowed upon this historic figure in my mind. That is the defining characteristic of this presentation of Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s movie, “Lincoln.”

YouTube Preview Image

He is a man weighed upon by the burden of a broken, fighting nation while never fully present in the moment. When pressed to make a tough decision or give a direct answer, his mind always seems wandering towards a funny anecdote that is humorous yet relevant. My personal favorite was the story about American diplomats in England who saw a portrait of George Washington in an outhouse.

Even how he walks is unique. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the power of Daniel Day Lewis’s acting. At no point did I compare Lincoln to other characters that Lewis has played. I give this movie seven of seven top hats.

My one complaint: there was not nearly enough vampire slaying in this movie. If only someone had seen the opportunities there…

India meets Ice

Imagine the movie Miracle, but with more curry. The Sangam club met again yesterday for a movie night, the final meeting of the semester. We were given two options to watch, either Slumdog Millionaire or Breakaway, a movie that I had never heard of before. Since practically everyone had seen the former, we elected the latter.

YouTube Preview Image

The trailer should give you an idea of what the movie was like, but to sum it up for people who don’t have a spare two minutes to spend watching a trailer: Indian family living in Toronto struggles with managing their cultural traditions and the Canadian culture. Rather unsurprisingly, the conflict comes to a boil over an ice rink.

The movie is hilarious, thanks mostly to the goalie who was my favorite character. There were laugh-out-loud moments, touching moments, sad moments, and above all, Bollywood dancing moments. The most confusing scene for me centered around an appearance made by Drake in a club. But who am I to judge.

Sent Me Though a Loop

Must-see-movie of October 2012? Are you looking for a movie that will wake you up out of the hum-drum of your life, make you reflect on the power of memory, the human spirit, and love? Well then Looper is the movie that you should frequent. YouTube Preview Image

This science-fiction film does everything in its power to break out of the stereotypes of science-fiction. Set in a dystopic future, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, a drug-addicted assassin who kills…you probably didn’t guess it…men from the future. Thirty years into the future, time-travel has been invented, and crime bosses have decided to use this highly illegal technology to dispose of bodies.

Not interested yet? Bruce Willis (that’ll do it) plays Old Joe, who is sent back in time to be killed by Young Joe. Still follow me? He escapes, and Joe must kill Old Joe or else he’ll be ousted by his own boss. Old Joe can defend himself against Young Joe, but can’t kill him because doing so would be terminating himself. Using the power of a changing memory, Old Joe must protect himself and avoid being killed by himself all while trying to save the future from–

Well, I don’t want to give too much away. Hopefully this has gotten you interested enough to go out to your local theater and support a movie that is both literary and action-packed in all of its plot-twists. It’s one of the more intelligent and engaging movies I’ve seen in theaters for some time. So..what are you doing? Get out, go! Watch it!!!

[And here’s an interview with the director. Enjoy!]


Finally, after years of hearing my friends and relatives rage about how fantastic the movie Taken is, I sat down and watched it with some friends this weekend. At the very least, I knew it was going to be a mildly enjoyable experience. Why is that? Because we took an entire roll of cookie dough and made one enormous cookie to cut up and share during the movie.

But then we got into the movie, and it was incredible from start to finish. I found myself hating his ex-wife, caring for the daughter, and feeling along with him the self-righteous fury that drove him across continents and through laws to save his daughter. The movie wasn’t ground breaking in any way, but for what it was, it performed exceptionally well. Here is the best line of the movie (in my humble opinion).

YouTube Preview Image

Now, I am aware that Taken 2 is set to release on October 5th, but I’m not yet convinced that it will be worth it. Lessons I’ve learned from Boondock Saints 2 and The Hangover 2: if you really want to see the sequel, just re-watch the first one and move on with your life. But we’ll see. Perhaps good reviews could sway me to see it. Perhaps my wallet will convince me otherwise.

TDKR: Review


Giddy with the excitement of smuggling candy into the theater, I sat waiting for The Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie from Christopher Nolan, my favorite director. Wait…maybe this was the real cause of my excitement. Yeah! I get it now!

Two and a half hours later, I walked out of the movie. If you had asked me what I thought, I would have told you that the conclusion to the trilogy was good…but, just good. I was baffled. Still am. There isn’t a single part of the movie that I can point out as bad but it just didn’t blow me away like the last one did. And who can expect lightning to strike twice? Who can expect to win back-to-back lotteries? Who can expect Apple to continue on like before without Mr. Jobs? (NO ONE. That’s who.)

Thankfully, means of garnering entertainment from the batman franchise still exist. YouTube Preview Image

And if that video doesn’t do it for you, maybe this one will. YouTube Preview Image

Come to think of it, I was remembering these videos during the new movie. Maybe that has something to do with my lukewarm reception…YouTube Preview Image

The moral of the story: if you like Batman, you’re gonna enjoy TDKR. Or anything batman themed. Nerd on!