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Me Time

Yesterday, after a full day of working in the library (as you may have read about) and class that only allowed me to return home around 6 PM, I had some options: either I could throw something cheap into the microwave and lie down for the rest of the evening-thus succumbing to my exhaustion-or I could do something totally rad.

I opted for the latter.

It just makes me hungry thinking about it...

I immediately set about cooking some rice, throwing frozen Edamame into a pot, and chopping up various vegetables and chicken. What I ended up with was a feast: fried rice with chicken, carrots, bell pepper, corn, and chicken served next to Edamame and a glass of iced green tea. Needless to say, I’ll be having plenty of leftovers for a while.

It also represents a struggle of most students: when should you take time to relax? If one takes their studies seriously, there would easily be enough work to consumer the hours between rising and going to sleep. In this case, I felt my day had been relatively accomplished so I didn’t feel bad throwing 2 hours into the preparation, consumption, and cleaning of the meal.